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Randon · 7/31/2015
Awesome Flow Charts

Flow Charts are easy and quick to create. I use it to sort out requirements for software I'm developing. Not complicated, just simple!

Reviewer 7734 · 6/2/2015
Really well written app

One of the easiest to use touch drawing apps I have seen. Copying and manipulating objects is quite easy. Lots of graphical items to add. One thing, this tool needs a textured shading function. Like brick, crosshatch, stone, etc. to make it a good tool for mechanical and arch. Drawings. Also pretty expensive to buy.

John · 8/6/2015
Gets better every update

This is a nice and simple to use diagram editor for my SP3.

G. Andrew · 9/25/2014
Outstanding App

I have to admit, I had a little sticker shock at the price of this app, but after using the trial for a bit, I decided that it was worth the cost (I'm using it for database schema diagramming, and the time it will save me on that alone will easily offset the cost). The app is very well thought out, and works well with touch, pen, or both. Most of the work I've done with it so far is on my Surface Pro, and it's very intuitive to use (there's a helpful reference tutorial that shows on first run, too). I wish more Windows 8 modern apps were this good...would probably make for a more popular platform.

Kevin · 6/6/2014
Swimlanes not so good

I had high hopes for this app with all the good reviews and I was generally impressed with the capabilities. Unfortunately the swimlane diagram capability is missing some important items to make it really useful. Specifically: Expanding a lane's size doesn't shift the adjacent lanes to accommodate; can't drag to reorder the lanes, instead must move the lanes to open a space then move the lane then close the new gap; phase dividers are just blocks of text and drawn lines and have no intelligence. I'm sure there were a few more things missing, but after those, I didn't bother continuing with the testing. If more intelligence were added to the swimlane capability, I'd certainly spend the $30 because I can certainly see where I'd use this. Surface 2 RT

Mark · 4/11/2014
Intuitive and easy to use

Definitely worth the price. I have used many other diagramming tools and this one is excellent and properly designed to be used in tablet mode. Labels and text are the most challenging without a hard keyboard but that goes for all apps,.

David · 3/19/2014

I used this application to draw up high-level diagrams for my electrical designs, P&ID's as well as audio equipment connection diagrams for my clients (my side job). This program has a professional polish to it and is powerful enough for all of my design needs. I am very grateful to these developers for supporting the RT platform.

Curt · 2/6/2014

Essentially the Metro version of Visio! Very slick, love it on Surface with pen. Totally sweet... shows what can be done in the new app platform.

Craig · 1/19/2014
Powerful and fun to use

This app is a great example of just how powerful a touch interface can be. I use it for creating UML diagrams on my Surface Pro and, so far, it does everything I need. I hope that the developer gets plenty of support from the Windows 8 community.

Jeff · 6/26/2013
Rock Solid and Convenient

I've been using this for almost 1 year now. This program is a fantastic alternative to Visio. I've found that my Thinkpad twist had some "auto scroll" settings that caused my images to automatically select and move in this application. It drove me crazy and I thought it was the software at first, but had the problem elsewhere. This application is hands-down a worthy investment for IT professionals that need to create sequence diagrams, UML, flow charts...anything really.


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v 1.8: - Eyedropper tool - Microsoft Visio formats import and export (beta) - Many improvements in Shape tool - Hex and rgb input in color editor v1.7: - User defined stencils on toolbox - Text notes for every shape - Many bug-fixes and improvements v1.6: - Minor bug-fixes. v1.5: - Bug in PDF export fixed. v1.4: - Redesigned user interface for the tool panels. Now it’s easy to navigate between the panels using tabs. - Support for multiple pages in a single file. - PDF Export. - It is possible to replace the selected shape with an element on stencils panel. All shape’s settings and connections will be preserved. Just touch and hold (or right-click if you use mouse) the element in the stencils panel and choose “Replace” from the popup menu. - Support for live tiles. You will see last saved diagram thumbnails on the wide tile. - Many bug-fixes and usability improvements.

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