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Dan · 9/1/2015
Works perfectly for me

I have a very large collection and it works great. I am also a music pass subscriber and enjoy being able to play anything I find across the app. It isn't perfect but for a free music player already installed on box I think this is wonderful.

Robert · 9/1/2015
Its getting there

CPU usage on Surface Pro 3 i7 can get really high. I have to run this app in low priority mode so it doesn't interfere with my work day. Sound quality is great. I would like if it copied some of the fun playlists on Google Music. Radio feature works well though. Android version on my phone sucks when using Bluetooth car stereo, constantly skips.

Daniel · 9/1/2015
Where's the support for Pass holders?

I don't like that I can't add to my collection. This needs to be addressed seeing as the paying subscribers are being shafted.

Travis · 8/30/2015
Simple and clean

It does everything I need it to. I tell it which folders to scan, it organizes music in a clean, coherent fashion, and I can do all of the basic stuff I'd expect out of any music player such as shuffle, repeat, playlist, etc. Nothing special, but it looks very clean and fits right into the Windows 10 ecosystem.

sean · 8/30/2015
Three steps backwards

No link to music pass so I can't download anything. New UI is not really at all intuitive. Crashes fairly often.

Chunyin · 8/30/2015
Sync issues

It's decent, but there are many flaws and nuisance to iron out. Sync issues is the most frustrating shortcoming. My playlists won't even sync. And, multi-disc albums doesn't work properly, even from Microsoft's own store (for example, Quadrophenia by The Who)

Jacob · 8/31/2015
Bring back Xbox music

I will call to demand a refund for the rest of the year 30 sec previews on all songs pc or phone and unable to download music from the store. I have a pass and it is worthless now.

John · 9/1/2015
Simple, Quick, Easy to Use

Huge improvement in UI over Xbox music. It's a clean interface and easy to use.

Josh · 8/27/2015
Newest update killed my collection and playlists

My collection is now loading, among with my playlists - but not completely, and playlists are full of broken links to songs. ..... Can't see streaming collection. Can't see playlists. Not connecting to my paid subscription to Xbox Music or whatever it's called now.

Brian · 8/26/2015
Plays Small Collections Passably

In 2015, even the most basic free players offer expansive library capabilities and sound control. Groove Music stands out from the pack by adding support for a laughably small number of locally stored songs in its library and offering absolutely no controls for volume, pitch or effects. It is, however, still free. And overpriced, at that.



  • Browse and manage your personal music collection
  • Make and edit playlists of your favorite songs
  • Add your music to OneDrive, then play it on Xbox, web, and Windows 8.1/10 devices *
  • On PC, get a Groove Music Pass to stream millions of tracks, lose yourself in artist radio, and download on multiple devices *

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On PC • Minor fixes and improvements On phone • Pin your favorite albums, artists, and playlists to Start for easy access • Pin the app itself, and the tile will show you art and info for the current song whenever you go to Start • Filter your playlists to see the songs that are streaming only or are only on your currently device

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