• Browse and manage your personal music collection
  • Make and edit playlists of your favorite songs
  • Add your music to OneDrive, then play it on Xbox, web, and Windows 8.1/10 devices *
  • On PC, get a Groove Music Pass to stream millions of tracks, lose yourself in artist radio, and download on multiple devices *

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On PC • Personalize your accent color in Windows Settings and we'll use it here, too • Import playlists you made in iTunes (new option in Settings) On phone • Jump lists make it easier to get around your music (in a list, tap any section heading to jump to another) • We've improved the default image for things in your collection with missing artist or album art • For people who use Narrator, using the app is easier than ever

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Matthew · 8/2/2015
Just a few issues from what I've seen

I love the concept of it and I can't wait for the android app to come out. So far, though, there are just a few issues I see. First of all, I don't know why but most of my music doesn't show the album artwork. It just shows a strange black x in the corner of a white box that makes up the album artwork? Also, for some reason when I play music, it plays at an extremely low volume. Turning the volume all the way up on my laptop makes it still barely audible. But when I play music or sound through some other application, it works fine. So yeah it needs a bit of work but otherwise I think it has a lot of potential.

Carlo · 8/3/2015
Not resuming playback when paused from taskbar!

On tablet mode using my SP3, when pausing my local mp3 files from the taskbar or from the volume rocker, it doesn't resume playback after awhile from switching apps. This bug never showed up on Windows 8.1 (Music App). Please fix this issue since it's a hassle to put the app to the foreground again instead of just resuming playback from the taskbar using the surface pen. At least MS didn't break the connected standby playback.

M · 8/2/2015
Too many bugs

It doesn't update tags that you have changed, and speaking of that, it doesn't allow you to edit tags. It crashes a fair amount. There's no Live Tile. There's no way to sort Artists by Album Year. There's no way to create smart playlists. On desktop the import from iTunes doesn't even work. The problems go on and on.

Evan · 8/3/2015
Lightweight and fast

Goes from silent and stoic to grooving and nodding in two seconds. Just needs a few tweaks on playlists, and perhaps a 'sync to OneDrive' contextual menu.

Damian · 8/3/2015
Unstable and annoying

It plays music and the app looks goos, but the album covers disappear (because of the background) or they become blurry, like a blown up thumbnail. There also should be some kind of refresh button to check for changes. Now you're waiting for changes to be recognized. At last, while playing music, I'm constantly unable to open the app because it closes immediately

jacob · 8/2/2015
Not fully baked.

Should be called beta/alpha. Can't use my Zune/Xbox Music/Groove music pass, which I pay for every month. Pretty useless unless you store all your music in your OneDrive, or have a bunch of saved playlists. So frustrating. I gave two stars, but that was generous

Catherine · 8/1/2015
Nothing special to the app

There is nothing special about this app. I would rather have the music app that came with windows 8. It not only played music from your library, but played unlimited music from different countries. The Groove app only played music from my library. I could use iTunes or windows media player for that. To play music that's not from my library, the Groove app takes me to the windows store, which has a variety of music from different countries, however, it only lets me preview a song, not listen to it for as long as I please. The Groove interface is nice and I can play music that is already downloaded in my computer, but that's about it. I can't even play some of the songs in my playlist without getting a Groove music pass. This app is just a big disappointment.

Kayla · 8/2/2015
Functions Well

Functions well and for intended use, but despite Windows 10 updates, I still have yet to see this button that is supposed to import music/playlists from iTunes. I dislike iTunes greatly, but I have far too much music on there to just convert it all over manually. If they could fix this, I would begin using this as my main music player.

Myles · 8/3/2015
It plays your music, but that's it.

Everything plays well, but it really needs an artwork overhaul. Not all album art displays, left with many blank boxes, no background artist pictures at all... which was a staple of previous MS music apps. "Now Playing" area is so incredibly dull. I imagine it wont stay this way, but with RTM release of win10 this is not good.

Rahul · 8/1/2015
lovely app

I love the whole interface and the amazing integration with Cortana. I would like to see generation of smart playlists. So it will be like "hey Cortana! play songs similar to this and Cortana generates a playlist of similar mood/kind of songs! that will be awesome!

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