• Browse and manage your personal music collection
  • Make and edit playlists of your favorite songs
  • Add your music to OneDrive, then play it on Xbox, web, and Windows 8.1/10 devices *
  • On PC, get a Groove Music Pass to stream millions of tracks, lose yourself in artist radio, and download on multiple devices *

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Version Notes

On PC • Personalize your accent color in Windows Settings and we'll use it here, too • Import playlists you made in iTunes (new option in Settings) On phone • Jump lists make it easier to get around your music (in a list, tap any section heading to jump to another) • We've improved the default image for things in your collection with missing artist or album art • For people who use Narrator, using the app is easier than ever

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Samer · 7/31/2015
its ok

basic app with no streaming service and one drive integration unless you are US USER, no artists background unless you signed in and you can't sign in cause your region not supported and it still missing features. this app is more of streaming service for US customers than a real media player for everyone in this world i'll update my rating when you add more features and allow me to use streaming service and one drive integration like the US USERS

Dave · 7/31/2015
Improved Radio feature

Similar feel to Xbox Music under Win 8.1, its Radio feature has a much improved play list. I use Win Phone 8.1 so for me this is my best option for playing streaming and cached music. Definitely worth the cost to have MS Music Pass

Tyler · 7/31/2015
Big step forward, still missing a lot.

>Branding is much improved with this app. Groove just makes since. People will easily recognize what this app does. > Performance is night and day better than the Xbox music app from 8.1. > Still missing social features like on Spotify, Zune, and Beats. > Gapless playback still missing. > music fade for transitions missing (Spotify feature) > Playlists built by DJs and Producers is missing > Playlists based on activities or mood missing. > News on favorite Artist missing

A. · 7/31/2015
Not that great...so far.

Even though I can play music through Groove, I am NOT able to play any of the MP3 file collections that I have on my machine.... what is broken? I have added my folders where the files reside but none show up in the App interface. I can manually go to the song on the file explorer and play from each individual file itself....?!

Nick · 7/31/2015
Great Start

Great start, I hope they continue to add more features. For example, I would like to see smart playlists, detailed artist information, custom groupings, and playback controls on the lock screen.

chewy · 7/30/2015
Finally, a music app worth downloading!

I really like it so far, but it's missing some features from Zune, needs Last.fm scrobbling with collection and radio, and to show album art along with the background art on now playing.

Reviewer 9055 · 7/30/2015
Great Look lacks Features

This app looks great (Windows 10 Version). However, it messed up some of my album art and I want to add some album art which has gone missing. The Find album info keeps giving me the information of the albums but not the album art itself. I would like a way to manually input album art which I have downloaded since that feature has been in windows since Windows Media Player. Groove Music randomly closes. I could be listening to music and it just closes without any error message being displayed. Microsoft please update!

Kevin · 7/31/2015
Onedrive sync is broken

I upgraded to windows 10 on launch day just to find that the new Groove Music app broke OneDrive music streaming. It constantly has the notification in the top corner saying "Adding your music... 1 song" and never finishes syncing. It has only added like half of my music, and worst of all Cortana integration doesn't seem to understand albums? wow. I tell Cortana to "Play Artist Album name" and she apparently would rather play a random song with that name from my library than the album. What a joke. This command works on windows phone with Cortana by the way. And when you ask Cortana to play music, instead of just playing it she makes a playlist for it, every time, it's infuriating. Overall this app is simply terrible.

Marvin · 7/28/2015
Looks good but missing function

The player is missing a few abilities like smart playlists, persistent music resume and sorting by genre. Better compatibility with Bluetooth and third party apps like last.fm are also needed.

benoit · 7/27/2015
great app for playing my music collection

very nice collection management, playlist ... I don't need anything else to play my content and manage my playlists

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