• Browse and manage your personal music collection
  • Make and edit playlists of your favorite songs
  • Add your music to OneDrive, then play it on Xbox, web, and Windows 8.1/10 devices *
  • On PC, get a Groove Music Pass to stream millions of tracks, lose yourself in artist radio, and download on multiple devices *

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Version Notes

On PC • Personalize your accent color in Windows Settings and we'll use it here, too • Import playlists you made in iTunes (new option in Settings) On phone • Jump lists make it easier to get around your music (in a list, tap any section heading to jump to another) • We've improved the default image for things in your collection with missing artist or album art • For people who use Narrator, using the app is easier than ever

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Nishant · 7/26/2015
Worse app ever

This app can't play my MixRadio music collection while other players can do this then why l need this app 👎

Omar · 7/24/2015
You can't fix what's not broken

The Music app was the bomb. Where does Groove Music fall short when compared? 1) I use Bluetooth to stream music in my car. I can't rewind or fast-forward through tracks - only skip entire tracks. 2) Also Bluetooth-related, song data is missing - no longer shows album title and genre. 3) I liked the artist in the background, behind the album art. Now you have an option: artist photo OR album art. 4) For some reason, I create a playlist on my phone and it disappears after I sync the phone with my PC. I wish I knew where the phone saved playlists so I could create backups. Very frustrating! 5) The very thing I disliked about iTunes the Groove Music app now does. When playing a shuffle, the same song could play twice in a row or multiple times before other songs even had a chance to play. This ruins the vibe. In the Music app, once a song has played, it moved to the next (like a game of "process of elimination). You can always manually repeat if you chose. 6) No more live tile

Iván Eduardo · 7/24/2015
Collection update fail

I can't see my collection, my online collection. All my music is in the cloud and I can't see or play it on my cellphone

Nicholas · 7/21/2015
Not ready

No radio Bluetooth support is limited. (pressing play on Bluetooth receiver should start music) Xbox music pass is non existent Dies soon after pausing music thus forcing me to open app and start the music again and again.

Lunga · 7/20/2015
Works well for the most part

Add keyboard shortcuts and music data collection

Armando J. · 7/21/2015

Can't use my Music Pass Properly. The app Crashes a lot! The Live Tile doesn't work. It constantly signs me out. Definitely a mess.

Josh · 7/20/2015
Newest update killed my collection and playlists

Can't see streaming collection. Can't see playlists. Not connecting to my paid subscription to Xbox Music or whatever it's called now.

Jesse · 7/18/2015
The latest update killed my collection. Again....

Again, the latest update has killed my music collection and it will not sync anymore. Unfortunately this is getting to be pretty common. It is a good app that is completely worthless without the ability to manually force a sync of your collection after an update wipes everything out. Also, it is getting really frustrating not being able to actually use my music pass. Music Pass features should have been included a long time ago (your are still selling it to people and it should be available.)

Armando · 7/19/2015
Latest update (7-18-15)

Player crashes 100% of the time since update. Still NO MUSIC CONTROLS ON LOCK SCREEN. Come on guys.. Some of us do work out and drive and jog and use our phone as our music player.. PLEASE ADD LOCK SCREEN CONTROLS!!! I hate having to repeatedly press volume to change songs. If every other phone on the market has this, it's obviously because it's loved by consumers. Music is HUGE on phones. I know you guys know that so give us the best music player available. I know it's beta, but these are basics man.. C'mon.. Satya, get these guys to do this....

Jan · 7/22/2015
Band images in "Now Playing" gone??

It seems the band images we got in win 8.1 in the now playing window (which you could "fullscreen") are now gone and low res album art is shown with a rather stuttery ken burns effect... Why??? The old behavior was great. And only when there where no band pictures you should revert to album art... Please bring back the band pictures??

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