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Omar · 8/25/2015
You can't fix what's not broken

1) I use Bluetooth to stream music in my car. I can't rewind or fast-forward through tracks - only skip entire tracks. I have to press play. It used to automatically connect and play where it left off last time I was on the car. 2) Also Bluetooth-related, song data is missing - no longer shows album title and genre. 3) I liked the artist in the background, behind the album art. Now you have an option: artist photo OR album art. 4) My playlists disappear after I sync the phone with my PC. I wish I knew where the phone saved playlists so I could create backups. 5) The very thing I disliked about iTunes the Groove Music app now does. The same song could play twice in a row or multiple times before other songs even had a chance to play. In the Music app, once a song has played, it moved to the next, like process of elimination. 6) No more live tile art. I wish the tile had Play, FF, and Rew buttons.

Juan · 8/26/2015
Could not get worse even if I prayed for it...

I am a LOYAL Music pass subscriber, paying $9.99 per month since I purchased my Zune Music pass back in 2011. But this makes me really re-think where I'm putting my hard earned money. The app is atrocious. Everything does not "just work". The search bar always freezes the app, the "store" is awful, making playlists keeps getting harder and harder to make. I keep having to re-start the app since playing any playlist over 2 hours long freezes the app. Oh and best part of all, I can't even use the app while on tablet mode since NOTHING works. Can't swipe to select, can't press and hold to add, remove, set. Can't search, can't do NOTHING. If I can't have my old Xbox (Zune) music's flawless experience back, I'll be forced to look elsewhere to enjoy my music. It's not about the money, it's about what I get for it. And lately, it's been less and less.

Ahmad · 8/25/2015
Bugs & Hardness of using

- There is a Problem with playing a list, sometimes options of past song and next song are locked !! it appears in the screenshot - I can't pin a playlist to the Groove shortcut in Taskbar, I can't make easy shortcut for the playlists I saved I can't even find them on my PC, which was easy in windows mediaplayer by going to My Music folder, Had to make the shortcut through mediaplayer though :S - App always open on the same "Albums" Category ! What if I want it to start on the desired playlist ! and Always on the same song !

Patrik · 8/25/2015
Wannabe with Alzheimers

Has a nice polished look at first glance but it as deep as it goes. This app wants to be as cool as Xbox Music but misses badly. Where Xbox Music was fast, clean and only showed essential content without too much messy menus - just swipe between Recent, Playlists, albums, artists etc. Here it's menu after menu. And this isn't even the worst part. Listening much to audiobooks i'm a bit partial but this can be the case of anyone wanting a continuos Music experience. A while after pausing the audiobook/Music this app just "forgets" it played anything. It is a clear 1st World problem but searching for that exact spot in the book you were at when your mom called is just hilarious the first 200 times....

Juan Diego · 8/24/2015
As good as a kick in the nuts

When it doesn't fail in connecting with the account, it fails in a superbly fashion in recognizing the entire music collection. Way too shabby Microsoft! Truly quite disappointing.

james · 8/25/2015

its good but to be fully functional, you must have a grove pass, you will end up paying. I'm going to try the pass for now & see how well it work & if its worth paying for. maybe a better rating later. the grove pass only lets u listen to music that's on computer & a very few on other device

Yousuf · 8/23/2015

It has many problems when reading from sd card. ( deleting playlists or mix them, skipping tracks, crash...etc) The UI has very poor design for touch screen. Bad support for FLAC format. Forced to use it in sp3 as desktop players will stop instantly once the screen went off or the device went to sleep because of InstantGo feature.

Gerrit · 8/23/2015
Amazingly better than Xbox Music

It all works in sync with all my devices much quicker than before. Xbox Music used to be plain and basic but now this is more organized and much more easier to use! Thanks Microsoft!

Manuel · 8/22/2015
Good Start But Has A Few Issues

I mostly use streaming with my subscription. I notice it tends to freeze quite a bit when transitioning between songs, the transition isn't smooth. The lag can be very significant at times. There is also some lag navigating between different pages. Other than that, this is a good first start for the app.

Melvin · 8/22/2015
Very buggy and laggy

I decided to move on from the old Zune software when I updated to Windows 10, as it has been very reliable but outdated. I chose to try out Groove and from the beginning it has been a frustrating experience. Let me begin with the positive(s): 1. The interface is very clean and user-friendly. The learning curve is pretty easy. On to the negatives: 1. There are many missing essential functions, such as the ability to "like" or "favorite" a song, create auto-playlists, edit song fields like "Title" and "Artist", and paste album art. 2. The app crashes very often, especially when performing tasks like Finding Album Info. And speaking of Finding Album Info... 3. The app often has trouble connecting to the internet, as tasks like Finding Album Info often don't work. 4. It does not add new music from your source folder until the following time it is opened. There are more issues, but I only have so many characters. So I hope you can solve these issues for the next release.



  • Browse and manage your personal music collection
  • Make and edit playlists of your favorite songs
  • Add your music to OneDrive, then play it on Xbox, web, and Windows 8.1/10 devices *
  • On PC, get a Groove Music Pass to stream millions of tracks, lose yourself in artist radio, and download on multiple devices *

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On PC • Minor fixes and improvements On phone • Pin your favorite albums, artists, and playlists to Start for easy access • Pin the app itself, and the tile will show you art and info for the current song whenever you go to Start • Filter your playlists to see the songs that are streaming only or are only on your currently device

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