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Joey · 7/22/2015
The BEST! But....

I've been searching for a music player like this for a very long time and I am now relieved. It would be nice if I could add my own artist picture or album artwork if it is not the one I want. Lyrics wouldn't hurt either. But other than that, this is awesome! DEFINATELY recommend it!

Lyndis · 8/10/2015

Just a suggestion to help better this awesome app: What if we can request a groovy mix? We can pick an artist or a song or a genre--and then request a groovy mix based on it? Anyway, thanks for this great app!

Chris · 2/14/2014
Great but Needs Improvements

This would be the app to hold my music library, but it falls short because of to MAIN reason first being; YOU CANNOT TELL IT WHERE TO LOOK FOR MUSIC!! I have most of my music on a different hard drive and I can't tell it where to look for it. The other being, you can not skip ahead of a song. I would greatly like these two issues fixed.

Tony · 2/20/2013
Great-update NOT Great

Got this on my Surface pro. Once I mapped the 7k in music from my sd to the music library it was able to play it all with no issues. Search for the mapping instruction on winsupersite. UPDATE..Well stopped working after I went from free to paid. Stuck on syncing. Lowered my rating until fixed.

DANNY · 5/2/2015
I pd for this when it first came out, still luv it

This ap is great way of rediscovering your old music. Good at picking similar songs within genres and making nice playlists. The now playing screen is still bland. That is the one thing that the XBOX music player does well. Moving / changing artist backdrop on the now playing screen look great on XBOX. But still find myself using groove more often unless I'm playing music in my main AV room with a 54" plasma screen. Burn in sux ... ;-)

Ilija · 8/13/2015
Great app

Be sure to post it on the new Windows Store because it's not discoverable in Windows 10. Maybe an update as a Universal App on Windows 10 devices ? Anyway an awesome app.

Todd · 7/6/2015
Seriously, it's like it knows me

We have about 80 gigs of music and 70% of that is my wife's stuff, and most of that I have no interest in. At first I was frustrated that I couldn't tell it what I like, couldn't upvote or favorite things. But somehow this app singled in on JUST what I like, without me having to favorite things or anything. It's confusingly amazing. Please, oh, please make a Windows Phone app.

Mario · 11/8/2014

Best audio juke box modern application. Automatic tags music. Great App.

Reviewer 0077 · 11/1/2014
Excellent player

The only thing I did not get it - how to add more tracks to the playlist.

Edgar · 11/1/2014
nice app

it creates playlists for my different music genres. I also like the surprise bit of the app. its downside however is that it leaves some songs out and cannot get them to play. or you cannot even find them in the app



  • Automatically sort your favorite music and suggest a wide variety of mixes based on your listening habits.
  • Rediscover forgotten favorites from your own music library.
  • Download missing album artwork and artist photos.
  • Automatically organises your music in tags (pop, metal, indie, electronic, etc.).
  • Search your music library and create instant mixes in just a few taps.

App details

Version notes - Minor bug fixes - Optimized for Windows 8.1 - Bug fixes NOTES - To include content from an SD card to your Windows Music Library, please follow the steps here: http://www.groovemusicapp.com/groove-win8/support-music-library-sdcard - If you don't see some of your music, try switching the "Use Windows indexing" option OFF (in the Preferences section).

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