• View your Google Voice inbox, text messages, voicemails, and calls
  • Receive notifications when you receive new text messages and voicemails
  • Send text messages and picture messages to your Google and Windows 8 contacts
  • Create new Google contacts from unrecognized numbers
  • Change the photos of your existing Google contacts
  • View your text message conversations in detail
  • Listen to your voicemails and read voicemail transcriptions
  • Configure push notifications to receive text and voicemail notifications instantly
  • Initiate phone calls from one of your phones to any other number
  • Search Google Voice for calls, voicemails, and text messages
  • Use the share charm in other apps to quickly add content to new text messages
  • Pin contacts to the start screen to quickly navigate to a conversation with them
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to control and navigate GVoice

Additional information

Version Notes

On April 20th, Google removed their ClientLogin API, causing GVoice and all other 3rd-party Google Voice apps to break. This update works around the lack of a proper Google Voice API to get GVoice back to a somewhat usable state, but it is quite hacky and may break in the future. In addition, some things still do not work since Google broke them, and may never work again: - Support for Google accounts using two factor authentication - Support for Google Contacts integration - Support for sending picture messages using Google Docs / Google Drive

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Gary · 7/14/2015
I can't live without it.

It's nice, clean and just needs phone and call management to be complete. I'd just ask the team to stay on top of the bugs more. I've had a week go by from time to time when it wouldn't work. Beyond that, essential!

Mikeal · 7/3/2015
Great Google Voice Client for W8

Updated 1.July.2015 People (users) really should READ before trashing what was once a fantastic and very useful app. Yes, it no longer works, not because the app is any different but because Google changed the way the service works. The most amusing part is that Google announced the end of product life MORE THAN A YEAR AGO. But i guess its easier to trash a developer than take two minutes to educate yourself through reading a fact or two. My new rating for GVOICE 10 Stars. Thanks for a great app guys! Great UI for a service I've used for years. Highly recommend especially if you're like me and don't get good mobile service.

Bob · 7/7/2015
G voice

This app does just what it says it does. I don't miss any text msg. and now I don't have to keep my browser open anymore. It is great when working.

Reviewer 1918 · 6/25/2015
Please Fix !!!!!!

Cannot logon! This app has been very hit-&-miss of lately. Please fix and update immediately.

Reviewer 2321 · 5/30/2015
Stopped working

I just paid for this app and it's been down for three days now. Other than that it's an OK app. Very basic, but gets the job done.

Reviewer 1111 · 7/16/2015
So Far So Good

Just Started Using this app and after navigating around for awhile I have determined I will keep it. As with any app there are some things I would change but that's true for them all

Sir Timothy · 6/22/2015
The Boss

Works pretty darn well tdozzyx@gmail.om

Reviewer 0890 · 4/15/2015

Good bridge from a Google sms user using windows 8 tablets. The program makes deleting conversations different. I wish they were swipe to delete but still a great app. Glad to pay for it.

Reviewer 7770 · 6/15/2015
Save Your $$

This does not work, nor did I get a response from the developers. I have tried reinstalling and installing it on other machines, but it will not load. I get to the sign in screen, enter my password, and it locks up. No answer from developer is VERY disappointing.

Reviewer 9182 · 7/25/2015

Having issues starting on a windows 8 surface. Just shows start screen never goes to inbox.

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