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Reviewer 9567 · 6/4/2015
It's my tutor

A fast and clean app. I watch videos from it every time before gym. It is very helpful to me.

Reviewer 3861 · 7/7/2015
Very Useful

A complete guide with pics and videos.

Austin · 11/9/2014

cant even get to a tart menu. I just opens with a soomed in view of a mazda race car and plays music

Brian · 3/25/2014
What's with the naked man

There is a big nude dude on every screen in the app. Really not what I'm looking for in a workout app... or any thing

Reviewer 0212 · 1/21/2014
Doesn't load

I have Windows 8.1 and this App never completely loads. I can open it and click on one of the categories, say Abs, and I get the first screen and then it locks up. I have to shut down the laptop to actually stop it from trying to load and then I get an error, "this app failed to load." I have installed and uninstalled it 3 times. It will not be installed again.

diane · 11/23/2013
Don't women go to the gym?

Where are the?

Hardik · 11/15/2013
Gym Guide

Its realy working

M · 8/3/2013

in my computer pictures and videos don't load. what is the problem?

Lane · 11/1/2012

Lots of exercises, but the pictures are small and the descriptions are so-so. This isn't the best content in the world, but at least they didn't try to charge you for it.

Reviewer 8026 · 5/12/2015
Great app!

This app is easy to use and understand. Demo video's are very helpful, it's like having my own personal trainer in my pc.

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