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Susan · 4/23/2014
Go cards I like it but...

I really like the Gocards app. I wish there was a way to include more customizable borders (or no border/blank) to add your own photo to the front. Can't we have the option for a blank front where we add our own picture with no frame or text overlay?

David · 2/6/2014
This app is absolute garbage.

Very buggy, very limited. It's crashing after I've completely finished the card. After designing and finalizing a card, I can't “sign up for a Hallmark account”, the app closes at random points in the sign-up process. This is AFTER I've typed the address on the envelope (you can't simply type an address, there's a very tedious form to fill out), and this info isn't saved... I have to re-type that envelope, only to see the app crash again. There are very few cards, so I will soon run out of unique designs to send (same card, different photo), and some you can customize with a photo, some you can't (why not!), there are too few verses to select, the fonts have lost the ability to be sized (they're super tiny on the card). There are a grand total of zero “sympathy” cards, and only one or two of the selection can be changed to become one. Zero Stars. Uninstalled. I'll go print my own cards my way.

Bo · 7/26/2013

This is not an E card that is sent thru email. This is a card app that you can edit from the app and they will send an actual card and mail it thru USPS for a fee of $3.49 to cover the cost of the actual card and mailing. Which is reasonable for me. Will rate 5 star for more card designs and maybe cheaper cards. No more rushing to the card store and post office.......... How convenient......

Levi · 7/17/2013
Very nice app!

Great for sending customized cards from Hallmark! I know all the cards are $3.49 but it still loses 1 star for not having Hoops & YoYo. For those you will still need to go to the Hallmark website. Putting aside the fact that it doesn't have my favorite cards (yet), it is a great app for an excellent product/service. I hope Hallmark puts out a WP8 app very soon.

Jason · 7/15/2013
Cool app

I'd love to be able to set a delivery date/window a few weeks into the future, so I don't have to remember to load up the app on exactly the right day for the card to be delivered at the right time.

Jane · 5/14/2014
Great Card App!

It has great cards. The only thing holding me back from 5 stars is the 3.49 a card. Be generous, Hallmark! Other than that, it's excellent and I highly recommend it!

Sundeep · 3/13/2014
General Payment failure. Order mismatch token.

It worked in the past but now I get General Payment failure. Order mismatch token. This great app to send cards for $4 where they print the custom card and mail it to the address.

Gregory · 7/13/2013
Category Tone

Recently my local Hallmark closed. I really enjoyed the specialty cards like religious, Mahogany and En Española cards on occasion. Please add these and others in the future then I will increase my rating.

Loralee · 9/13/2013
Good to have

Haven't sent a card yet, but good to have as an option

Robin · 6/28/2013
A great, simple way to send cards

If you're like me and always seem to not get to a store in time to buy a card, this app is for you. Great array of card choices from Hallmark. Simple and convenient to use. App looks and runs great.



  • Add photos from your camera roll, or snap one in-app
  • Access the Message Library for inspiration and ideas from Hallmark's writers
  • Add addresses from your Contacts list

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