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MT · 3/3/2015

I've been using Handy Safe for over 10 years and I love it. Maybe add Cloud Sync with encryption??

Ray · 9/16/2014

I really like this app. The must-have feature is the desktop companion piece. I did the bulk of data entry there and just add/edit/view on the phone. There is no way I would want to do all that setup via the phone keyboard. I give it 5 stars in spite of the one complaint I have, which is the syncing process. It is a little clunky in that you have to launch the app on the phone and the computer, select the IP of the computer and then start the sync. In my opinion, it should be automatic like my Fitbit fitness tracker. Once the computer and phone are paired, it should just happen when they detect each other vis wifi. The good thing is that the syncing really does work well and is fast, picking up all changes done on both the phone and the computer. The app has great features and is versatile enough to store all sorts of data. Very customizable but has enough templates in it so you don't have to make any changes if you don't want to.

Judy · 2/26/2014

Love the peace of mind that my private information will stay private, even if my phone were to get lost.

Ain · 9/30/2013

App crashes and needs updating for WP8. It's a great app otherwise, the developer just needs to work on it a bit.

Duane · 5/16/2013

This is good way to keep track of the many passwords I need to have. I love that I can sync this to my PC. My only suggestion would be a password generator.

Dan · 1/2/2013

Well I thought this was a password saving app. Its not, you save other stuff about accounts. But know where did it ask for login or password info on accounts I tried to setup. Just account info. But I was using free 14 day option. So maybe if u pay. But I'm not going to find out.

cjniland · 10/17/2011

This app works really well. Easy to use, easy to customize. Don't waste your money on the PC app, it will not sync with W7 phone yet. Hopefully bugs will get worked out in the future, because sync would be great.

Ryan · 5/17/2015

Good but could use an update with new templates etc

Per · 12/22/2014

Nice and useful :)

Jacqueline · 3/27/2015

Has saved me more than once.


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