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Alan · 8/15/2015

Best alarm clock ever!

Ryan · 11/8/2013
Great App but weather widget won't update

Fix weather widget and Please add the option to add calendar agenda items.

David · 4/21/2014
Well designed

This app is one of the best designed alarm clocks out there for the windows RT platform. The only thing missing is the ability to set up exceptions on alarms for holidays and special alternating weeks. I only have to get up early every other Friday, and not on the fourth of July. Kind of a set it to my lifestyle option.

Travis · 4/11/2014
Great App

Great app for morning alarms, nap timers, and setting a sleep timer. Small thing that could make it better would be a way to import playlist files for the sleep timer.

Nathan · 3/12/2014

Unfortunately, the app failed at working while the tablet is in sleep mode; the exact purpose for which I bought the app. I really needed this to work. Very Disappointing.

Carla · 2/2/2014

Great feature ideas but you can't count on them to work. Tried to suspend the weekday alarm for one day -- the alarm still went off. Also the weekday alarm occasionally sounds on weekend days (today).

Chad · 1/2/2014
Doesn't work... simple as that

Even with nightmode on the alarm will not go off on the surface RT after a certain period of time. Thanks for lying to me and making me over sleep a few times.

Zimeng · 12/8/2013
Waste too much battery in sleep mode

The app consumes 20-30% battery life overnight when an alarm is set and device is in sleep mode. On the contrary, windows 8.1 alarm app only consumes 1-2% power. This behavior is tested on a Baytrail and a Haswell tablet. Please fix.

Fabri Pablo · 10/20/2013
Perfect concept

Very smooth and smart design. Perfect concept. The app design is logical smart, simple, and visually attractive because it is simple. Update: The weather Celsius (metric) option is not working anymore. Everything else is fine!

Summer · 9/29/2013

I cant figure out how to do any thing but change the alarm?? I got no start up menu or anything



  • Unlimited one-time alarms, recurrent alarms and nap timers
  • Sleep timer
  • Live tile (current time or next alarm)
  • Feed widget
  • Sleep optimizer widget
  • Can notify you when it’s time to sleep or take a nap
  • Wake-up tests (easy, medium and hard) to make sure you get up on time
  • Flashlight
  • Night mode
  • Sunrise (gentle wake) and sunset effects
  • Snap view support
  • Test alarm sound feature
  • Skip next alarm feature
  • 70+ built-in ringtones (soft and abrupt alarms, nature sounds, musics ...)
  • 30+ gorgeous built-in themes
  • Customizable backgrounds and colors
  • Customizable alarm ringtones with your own songs
  • Customizable snooze length and snooze limit
  • Weather widget (NEW!)
  • Sync your alarms and timers between your Windows 8 devices

App details

Version notes

RELEASE 18 * Bug fixes RELEASES 8 TO 17 * Fix: corrected computation of the minutely/hourly-recurrence alarms when the start date is in the future * Fix: the "skip next alarm" feature now also works for minutely/hourly-recurrence alarms. Please note that the current skip dates you've set must be reset after you update the app * NEW: minutely and hourly recurrence alarms * Fix: corrected the "switch to night mode automatically" feature. Note: to use the app in standby mode, due to technical limitations, the app must be in night mode BEFORE you turn the screen off or going to the background, even if the automatic mode switch has been enabled. * Added warning in the setting panel for the "switch to night mode automatically" feature. * Added Facebook link in the "About" flyout * NEW: 3 new themes (Space) * Fix: Corrected permission requests * Fix: Corrected the weather widget for non-US users * Added "Readme" popup * Added website link * Fix: improved reliability for the weather widget * NEW: Added badge support * Fix: The memory test has been improved. * Updated user help * NEW: Support standby mode (screen off / lock screen) for AOAC-compliant devices when the app is in night mode. * NEW: Local weather widget * NEW: New ringtone category "Obnoxious & Loud" (7 sounds) * NEW: New color themes (colors of the Windows Surface's Touch covers) * Better snap view support * Fix: Resets the math test if wrong answer * Minor bug fixes

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