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John · 3/31/2015

A pretty decent app to record our health measurements and to look up usual health related stuff. But its UI is laggy and not attractive, the theme has to be def made better. I didnt know the measurements could be displayed over a graph until recently when i accidentally touched one of them. It crashes regularly

Benjamin · 6/3/2015

One thing Microsoft is good at is finding a way to screw up a good idea.i already have a Fitbit app so why do I need a health vault app if I can't view or access the additional data that Fitbit doesn't already cover??

Orestes · 4/22/2015

This app and Bing health should be the same, also add some others features like: -Get calories and step counter from the sensors in the phone. -The ability to add supplements in Diet Tracker (shakes) -Measurements Tracker to keep tracking of weight, fat %, muscle %, BMI, BMR, ... -Join company programs like Vitality(www.powerofvitality.com) to share data.

Ed · 3/31/2015

The hardest, worst app that is out there. No directions. Can't sync Microsoft Band. Doesn't let you change Settings, in fact if you try to set Gender, it closes itself. The app and online they only want to sell you devices, but if/when you get them, there is no way, or directions to sync them up and upload/download the info. This whole Microsoft HealthVault is a piece of junk. Either make it more user friendly, or take the whole thing down and stop wasting our time.

Edgar · 12/30/2014

App very limited. Hope they update and open up capabilities such as: Ability to view select info at phone logon (insurance info blood type ECT), I dont see a blood type category. Has potential, please throw some resources at this Microsoft.

Deanne · 11/13/2014

I love the concept of Microsoft HealthVault. I only wish more providers would sign up!!

Chris · 11/10/2014

The website is good, but this app stopped connecting recently, in any event it wasn't as up to date as web site version. Given success if MS band, this needs updating urgently.

Spenser · 10/31/2014

Crashes when I try to edit personal info. Some features are unavailable from AP and instead you're directed to the health vault website, which defeats the purpose of having an ap

Sven · 10/4/2014

Great app but please add a transparent tile background to make it five stars.

Matthew · 8/7/2014

Love this app! Love that it's single sign on, syncs with the cloud and so I can access it virtually everywhere, and the interface is simple enough to allow for quick entry of readings. Wishlist: a way to record blood test results would be awesome.


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