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Sean · 8/19/2015
Incorrectly uses lab test title for lab result ID

My most important data are the lab results. I need to be able to sort them by LOINC and date, regardless if lab result is part of a panel. The graphs are meaningless, because they aren't grouping results by LOINC, instead, they are being grouped by the test name supplied by the lab. Every lab is different. Many labs like to get creative when naming their tests. I always included the LOINC value when adding my lab work manually. NOW, it is federally mandated to send EHR using the HL7 CCDA schema. Any descent lab will provide you with the CCDA file or connect to HealthVault for you; the LOINC values are in there. The schema requires LOINC values for lab results. HealthVault uses the arbitrary and poorly named title of results, not the LOINC. Naming an IGF-1 test as IGF-1 Binding Protein is a serious misnomer, same LOINC, not graphed together. E2 and E2 ultrasensitive aren't the same, graphed together. The graphs are invalid. My medical team and I can't use them.

Hugh J · 8/14/2015
Stopped working and reinstall won't fix it

This app worked well for a few weeks in 8.1 and after the upgrade to Windows 10. Then I swiped it and the appearance of the opening screen changed to a vertical blue bar in a larger box. Now it freezes on that screen or closes a few seconds after being opened. I uninstalled and reinstalled - did not help. App won't stay open, keeps closing after a few seconds. Too bad Microsoft has once again rolled out a change in OS that comes with lots of bugs and frustration for users.

Mark · 8/1/2015
Abandoned and waiting to be discontinued

Since MS is killing off their own MSN Health & Fitness app I decided to see if this was still working and it is but it's woefully inadequate. Pretty much useless as a diet tracker since the food database is so small and the interface is very clunky. What's worse is there doesn't seem to be any plans to do anything with the Microsoft Health app which is only useful if you have a Band. I guess a non-MS alternative is the only choice since MS doesn't seem to know what it's doing anymore.

Jack · 6/28/2015
Surface tablet

It would be nice if it worked with the Microsoft products. Otherwise it's useless.

Gabriel · 2/12/2015
It does not have so many features as other apps

Unfortunately it is not as good ad Healow offered by Apple and Google. You can find your clinic and make appointments, find appointments, get recorders, medications, trackers, check-in, and others. https://mycw28.eclinicalweb.com/portal2720/jsp/100mp/login.jsp

Winfield · 8/3/2015
Adding a file in app?

I have been playing around with the app and still cannot figure out how to add a file. If it is there it cannot be intuitive.

Scott · 3/20/2015
Works great across devices, even with my Band

This is a really great addition to the library of apps, it syncs medical information across all your devices (or the Web), integrates with the Microsoft Band so that your exercise activity is automatically uploaded to HealthVault, and also integrates with other devices like my wifi scale to keep track of fluctuations in your weight (and I imagine you could do the same with wifi blood pressure devices, etc). It's really nice to have this all in one place to either be able to report to the doctor or just keep track of how things are going. Only thing I would like it to do better is allow you to pull your emergency contacts from your existing contact lists in Windows, but not a big deal to double enter them once...

Levi · 4/11/2015
So easy to do

All of my health data in one place. Charts help make it very easy to see positive and negative trends. I bought a Microsoft Band and had been using MyFitness Pal for awhile. It took less than a minute to have them syncing their data. I bought a Homeric blood pressure monitor with Bluetooth at Walgreens, instantly in HealthVault. If you need to be watching your health. You probably need this app too.

Noah · 6/30/2014
its like the websites inexperienced brother

Does what is supposed to, features lacking compared to the website, and it is very slow to sync to devices that connect to it.

Sokeada · 5/30/2014
Great App

this kind of app I have been looking for such a long time ago, now I can keep track my health and sync between my Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1 and iPhone, please update this kind of great app to support iPad.



  • Track progress towards your health goals.
  • Manage your weight, track your exercise, steps, and diet.
  • Monitor your blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood glucose.
  • View and edit details of your family’s most important health information.
  • Discover trends in your health and fitness.

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