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Nancy · 8/23/2015
Great for travel

Works well with downloaded maps. I use it on two devices - the accuracy seems to be a function of the strength of the GPS in the phone itself, not the app! On the bigger, more expensive phone, map/GPS is blazingly accurate! Also, the navigation voice directs me in a way I understand. No last minute "turn left here" commands. Sure, it may not give names all the time, but who wants to be looking for a name of a street at a busy intersection? I'd rather have amply warning that I have to turn, and accurate info on WHERE to turn... Hope Microsoft, HERE, and the carriers will continue to keep this app accessible to all now that Nokia has sold this branch.

Kenneth · 8/26/2015

Constantly freezes on my L830. The app used to be great but something has gone terribly wrong with the recent updates. I could no longer rely on it because it now freezes and lags so really of not use. Need to fix it.

Casey · 8/15/2015

Horrible, horrible app. Does not know if your destination is on the right or the left. God help you of your destination is in a large shopping center. Voice prompts are far too verbose (expect to hear a detailed description of your every turn 3 separate times--don't bother trying to listen to music). Worst of all, destination tracking and routing are terrible. One notable time it took me three miles further than if chose a different route (this is out of a 12-mile drive), and then dropped me on the wrong street entirely--technically I was about 50 yards from my destination as the crow flies, but had to go around almost a mile to get to where I had actually arrived and didn't have to drive through two houses. Just... awful. Unless you like having road rage.

Bhavesh Lal · 8/25/2015

Awesome app!!! Something to improve are to add alternative routes and I find quite a few times that offline navigation shows routes which are slower than what google or apple maps show

jane · 7/31/2015

Great sat nav app! Have used it in the US and Canada and has always been excellent. One star off for the drain on phone battery, but I always have an external charger on hand for such an occasion.

Aaron · 8/27/2015

The app needs an option for what kind of vehicle you are driving. When I have to make deliveries at work I have to use a 26 foot long box truck. There are times when I am directed to narrow streets or low bridges. Other times I have been taken to the backwoods on a dirt road when the highway would have been perfectly fine. A couple of times I have been directed to the road behind the place I wanted to go to or to the middle of the interstate. The traffic info is not always up to date either.

Jenna · 8/6/2015

Needs alternative routes. It tries to send me on 3.5 hour routes instead of 1.5 hr straight shots down a freeway and there's no way to change it. Very unhappy.

Mary · 8/6/2015

This app use to work awesome for months and now for the last 5 times I've used it, it either fails to give any directions, or gives really poor directions.

Robert · 7/22/2015

Here drive is an awesome app, better than Google maps from an ease of use perspective, especially with Cortana. Accuracy is great and the user interface is so much more like a mature GPS ( Read Garmin). Love it.

Daniel · 8/23/2015

Best GPS out there I love it !!! It talks loudly! What else could u ask for out of a good GPS!??? :)


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