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- HERE account sign-in issues fixed - Favorites and Collections synchronization fixed - Other bug fixes

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Robert · 7/22/2015

Here drive is an awesome app, better than Google maps from an ease of use perspective, especially with Cortana. Accuracy is great and the user interface is so much more like a mature GPS ( Read Garmin). Love it.

jane · 7/18/2015

Great sat nav app! Have used it in the US and Canada and has always been excellent. One star off for the drain on phone battery, but I always have an external charger on hand for such an occasion.

Sentinel · 7/20/2015

When it works it's amazing. It used to work on a consistent basis, but now it's more like 50% of the time. Constantly stays stuck in one area, fails to find my GPS location, etc. If they can improve this it's back to a 5 star app!

Gregory · 7/2/2015

Needs a way to provide feedback on map issues. Otherwise great navigation app.

Paul · 7/3/2015

Not a bad Nav app. As the other reviews have said, it really needs an option to select alternate routes, it almost got me lost driving back from cedar point one time because it kept directing me of the interstate and on to random back roads. The option to use the route options from the system maps app would be great. 2 stars for routing. 4 stars for app design and interface.

Alison · 6/23/2015

Do you have no idea where you are or where you're going? Neither does HERE Drive+! This app is repeatedly a half mile behind in tracking your position, which makes urban driving a nightmare. It also falls apart at the thought of clouds, and likes to send you to locations that are either two blocks off or have been closed for years. HERE Drive+: Getting lost has never been so easy!

Eric · 7/2/2015

I appreciate what is here, but there is room for easy improvements. Please add remaining drive time and distance to the display. Also, often times the next turn message cuts off the direction of the road. So, it will indicate I-10, but not state whether I should get on East or West.

Jim · 7/17/2015

Worked fine on my Lumia 925, but freezes constantly on my ATT Lumia 830. Please fix. Also would like to know what side of street destination is on.

Nathan · 6/22/2015

Very good except it sends turn by turn voice navigation to Ford Sync as a phone call instead of Bluetooth audio, this causes music to mute and only part of the voice navigation comes through. So voice nav is useless while BT sync'd.

jonathan · 6/22/2015

Lots of information, easy to follow. One of the most useful apps on my phone