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niloy · 7/17/2015

One of the greatest navigation apps. Helps me always.but sometimes it doesn't work without internet connection.especially when finding my location after a long time.

Roop · 8/1/2015

Doesn't give option of alternate routes.Not easy to turn off options like highway.

Özgür · 7/23/2015
Alternative routes needed

Android version provides alternative routes, why don't we have it on Windows Mobile? Still better than other map apps on Windows, but Microsoft Maps are closing the gap. Cortana (on W10) already shows information similar to Commutes.

Cuban · 7/19/2015

It's a good gps but it's not working on my phone for the pass 4 1/2 months :(

Dominic · 6/28/2015

Excellent! Easy to use and powerful thing!! Only one thing to mention: Could you please add language settings, to choose lang in settings menu? It's not very good for me to use when I want local maps (Ukraine), but phone's language is English. Thanks!

tuan · 6/25/2015

HERE Maps is one of reasons make me choose Lumia phone because I have heard numerous positive reviews about it. However, when using it, I really depress. The data of the maps is out of date, so it lacks a lot of new streets and significant buildings of the city. The detail of HERE maps is impossible to compare with Google. All in all, I expect HERE Maps will update its data and improve the speed to find the location because it's very slow and even not correct. By the way, I'm from Vietnam. Thanks.

Dipankar · 7/5/2015

The app won't install un my phone. I am trying to install it for few days and usin wifi all d time. I even connected to different network also did restart my phone bt still d app z not installing... Please fix this issue. -Lumia 620. Updated to windows 8.1 denim

Tarun · 6/16/2015

The maps are flawless in the United States. A lot of work has been put into these apps and there offline support within individual states with little space. Works without a lag on even a lumia 520. Well done!

justin · 7/22/2015

This app has been great for years. Recently (the last few months) it has been avoiding major highways and mapping me through state routes and side roads instead. I don't see how this changed in the settings or otherwise and can't seem to find a way to change it back? I still continue to use it but do not follow the turn by turn directions anymore. Is there a way to reset this? Thank you.

Nils · 6/14/2015

Works good if you are lost or out of your mind.