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Shane · 5/23/2013

haven.t used

Bob · 2/13/2013
Removing ads

Don't want any ads

Reviewer 9021 · 4/29/2015
Painful and unintuitive

Took a bit to figure out how to open files (you have to manually add extensions you want to include). But inside the file, the editor is near useless. A cursor to show which hex values correspond to which text on the right is vital, otherwise trying to figure out exactly where I'm editing is a pain. Very unintuitive interface, and useless for me as a hex editor, as I need to be able to see where my cursor is, and move it more easily. Having the stupid hexadecimal "keyboard" pop up constantly was also annoying.

Jason · 8/5/2015
Can't use

Ads block all buttons for file access if to slow, and can't open any files.

Reviewer 6937 · 6/26/2015
The Pits

Can't view any of the documents that have been sent, its all just a bunch of insignificant #'s and letters, will not convert to a readable document. Is there a rating lower than 1star ?

Michael · 7/14/2014
entering file extension .* crashes app

I found a bug within 1 minute of using the application. Adding the extension .* will crash the app when you click Open File button. Also, it's a PIA to get to a file that's 15 folders deep. Why would anyone pay for this app?

Joel · 4/5/2014

Ads are no big deal. I understand revenue has to come from somewhere. Having to add extensions myself is poor usability design, but I can live with that. But after editing my file, it wouldn't save. Not much use in a hex editor that doesn't save.

G · 7/4/2013
Unable to see hidden files

I wanted to load a hidden windows system file into this, and see what comes up. Unfortunately, the app does not see these files, so I could not do this. Should be an option to see all files in a directory, regardless of its attributes.

Adam · 2/17/2013
Good Hex Editor

Like in the good 'ole days when I could whip out Norton Utilities and raw edit files, this little App comes in quite handy.

Linda · 2/3/2013
Good Idea, But Confusing To Use

It helps if you learned computer languages the old fashion Assembler way. It could use an intro panel to summarize its abilities and some picks to go to commonly used features.


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