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Jason · 7/19/2015

Great free text and tweets app. love it!

Jeremy · 7/23/2015

Ok just wish ya could send pictures not just a URL address..But otherwise nice convenient application..

don · 7/9/2015

Well my phone service was terminated and I downloaded this app, so now I can still use my contacts and text whenever I want for free. The only downside is, the push notification dont work unless the app is open so you get messages without knowing. That needs fixed

User · 7/24/2015

It worked fine until I tried to delete a conversation. Now when I text that person it keeps deleting the previous messages I sent after they reply.

Steven · 7/20/2015

Nice and easy. Perfect for on the go.

Kelsey · 7/26/2015

Very good app. Pictures actually go through to recipient.

courtney · 7/15/2015

When you delete a conversation you have to delete it two or three times because it keeps coming back.

Queen · 6/30/2015

More often than not it wont give me a notification when I have a message. So I can go hours thinking I don't have a new message and that's a nuisance. Also sometimes won't connect, says server not found even when I am connected to the internet

Gabe · 6/24/2015

Overall, this app is horrible. The only reason I use it, is because there is nothing else on this stupid windows phone. It takes almost 5 minutes for the application to completely open, and load up. Sometimes I can't open my messages, and it ALWAYS says I have 30 notifications even though I have 0. But I give the producers props for making a free USABLE app, even though it takes mega patience to use.

dustin · 6/11/2015

Does just exactly what I says it does In a comfortable and easy to use package. Not a Bad thing to say about it. It's come in quite handy for me as I travel and have reception issues in all areas of the U.S. But wifi is as common as running water in most places, no more problems! Thanks and keep up the good work