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maria · 12/5/2013

I love this app but I can never load it up, the only time I can use it is when I uninstall it then install it again after I back out its a wrap can't load again! Big disappointment!!

Ryan · 8/1/2013

Good lenses and film features but without the ability to select existing pictures I cannot recommend this app. If that is added then this app becomes a five star app.

Jose · 4/13/2015

Great photo app. Love the variety of lenses and films.

David · 4/11/2015

This app is very buggy, and thus I am downgrading my review. On features this would be a high five star app. I cannot give it more than 3 because of how buggy it is. It takes very nice photos. The effects created by combining lenses with film are far better than the filters in other apps. Oggl pro gives you control over WB, ISO, exposure and flash. I have had to uninstall and reinstall 5 times. I come back because of the photos it takes but this will would be better executed if they paid some 12 year olds to write the code. I cannot figure out how to crop. The only editing I can do is zooming and changing gear. If there is a way to do it, please illuminate me. The app closes unexpectedly very often. It is also about 5-10 times slower than any other camera app. In short, if you want to learn how not to write code, study this app.

Josh · 3/7/2015

Love the filters, pretty much hate everything else. 10 > seconds is too long to wait to see what the different filter options look like. Wish it would save images to the Saved images folder and also a proper crop function on imported pictures would be nice(as would the option of taking/saving pictures in other aspect ratios).

Patrick · 9/3/2014

Cool options and lens system. The app is a bit slow though, and always goes back to the top instead of returning to where you were. That is rather annoying. Good app, but plenty of room for improvement!

David · 7/23/2014

Awesome app. A little laggy still but definitely has improved since initial release

miguel · 5/26/2014

Nice app! Love the design and the lenses!! Does need improvement on speed, and we also want your app CINEMATIC!!!!

Farid · 5/20/2014

I like the app and can see the potential but they have to iron out the bugs - sometimes the app shuts down on its own, the camera gets hot while the app is on, and I logged into the Oggl site and all it had was your name and email id, that's it. Why are the pics that you take using this app not auto uploaded to your account on the Oggl website?

Adam · 5/18/2014

Have almost given up on this one. Camera 360 has pretty much caught up with this and is quicker, and much easier to use. OgglPro is just too slow and clunky.


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