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Kasparas · 7/13/2015

The app is great though it crashes pretty often. And the interface of switching films and lenses could be improved to be able to see the whole owned lens/films list.

Jason · 7/29/2015

The best photo app for filters! This app is awesome, I'm happy its on Windows phone, please keep supporting it!

shawn · 6/14/2015

Really love the app on my iPhone, more. But it gives your photos a new look that usually turns out well. I wish it had double tap to like. & the search is kinda buggy only allowing me to see a few photos... While there's plenty of more I'll unable to scroll any further down. Overall it's still something good for Windows phone users!

Marcelo Junior · 5/27/2015

I'm addicted to the filters of this app, they're awesome. I can't say the same for the social part of the app, it's very simple and have some bugs.

kalariya · 6/25/2015

It is amazing app..... But 4 start for no pic download option.. If I able to download photos in my phone then it is the world's best app.

Isadora · 7/6/2014

It is OK. I liked it a lot when at first, but there seem to be too many limitations, and administrators did not respond to my inquiry. I used it often for 2-3 months; now, hardly ever at all.

Ömer Faruk · 5/29/2015

It's the best photography app in store, and it has almost infinite photo effects and it's works like a charm but it's not working anymore on my phone. I cannot see my gears even I uninstall and install again. I hope they can solve that

Deepak · 6/21/2015

I would have given it five stars if I was able to download gears. It always shows error while downloading gears.

Jack · 6/12/2015

Great for photos but either crashes or wont start half the time or more.

Süleyman · 4/18/2015

The absolute best in shooting and sharing. Hands down. Download it while all lens/film combos still can be enjoyed without subscription. 2 minor complaints: Overwhelming amount of gear, need more presets (presetting could be easier too). On the other hand, I miss the chance factor of shaking for a random lens/film combo.