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Version 1.3.2 - Fixed bug when saving items

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Reviewer 0138 · 7/18/2015
So far, so good

Just downloaded this app. Very easy to load and understand how it works. Entry of data is also easy.

Joel · 11/30/2013

poorly organized, difficult to operate...

Phoenix · 11/3/2013
Doesn't work after the Windows RT update to 8.1


Stephanie · 10/4/2013
Not Very User Friendly

I think this app has potential, but I have yet to figure out how to delete an bill or expense. Very frustrating!

Reviewer 5103 · 5/9/2015
Thanks for Homeasy maker

I think this app is so good for me. Now I'm using it to manage all my spending. Thank you ! Sorry my bad English.

Reviewer 6759 · 6/18/2015
Not as helpful as it should be

I would like to set up income as a recurring transaction, just like the expenses but cannot find a way to do that. I think the app should have a help button to help users with questions as to how to use certain features.

Glen · 6/11/2015

Would be awesome if one could choose the folder in Onedrive for multi account and device syncing.

Batkupar · 3/11/2015

I think this is exactly what I've been looking for. I had tried around 3-4 apps to manage my expenses but it was never good enough for me to keep using it. But this one is. Good one developers.

Zton · 3/11/2015

Very easy to use and a great app for managing finances.

Benjamin · 2/13/2015

EXCELLENT! After looking at numerous budget apps, this one is exactly what I was looking for to track our spending and manage household bills. It's not too complex, but definitely covers all areas for residential use...and then some. After a short time of navigating through it to become familiar, I found it to be very user friendly. It has two backup features (one pc and one cloud) so you'll never lose your created budget and data. Themost useful app I have ever used! Thanks!

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