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Rachel · 2/28/2015

Doesn't work

Wes · 7/11/2013
doesn't work on Windows RT

portions of the content display nicely, but the app consistently crashed , and on some times consistently displayed the unable to connect to the internet message.

Michael · 6/9/2013
HowStuffWorks doesn't work...

...crashes when launched and returns to the start screen...sent an email to the developer and hopeful for a fix..

MAC · 6/6/2013
How Stuff Works Does Not...Work That Is

Brings up title screen each time I open and then it promptly crashes! Kind of useless.

Manuel · 8/7/2012

audio multitasking does not work ... each time that I leave the app... the podcast stop...:(

A. Ryan · 7/16/2014

The app search using window key+Q is really slow even with a 100mb connection at school, and the background makes the app a little leggy scrolling across the main screen for some reason even with a decent laptop like my surface pro... it's fun though a lot of good stuff to be found since it IS How Stuff Works data after all. :)

Chris · 1/22/2014
Love HSW...esp. SYSK.

If only I could "bookmark" and/or "continue" unfinished episodes. Too hard to scroll through to find what I was listening to the day before (esp. if driving). Otherwise, keep up the good work.

Abagail · 11/4/2013
Still waiting for you

I uninstalled due to the fact that the animals category NEVER worked if you could fix that I would TOTALLY REINSTALL IT still waiting for you to fix the animal one

MITCH · 10/13/2013
WHY How Stuff Works really works

This is the equivalent of TRIVIAL PURSUIT for your mind.I especially like the quotes,and geographical facts. Read for 5 min a day and you can annoy your friends for a week, read for 2 weeks and you will be alone.

Dwaine · 7/20/2013
Nowhere to provide feedback?

Sorry, but the very first article I read (about important contributions by African American engineers) contained an incorrect reference of trailblazing involving lighting a fire to create a trail. Nothing to do with it, check your facts. A "blaze" is how the English referred to a bright colored diamond shape on a dark horses forehead. When explorers marked a trail, they used an axe to create a similar shaped wound in the bark of trees. Thus, trailblazers. You need to allow feedback.

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