• Create single or multi-page PDFs for documents
  • Save images as JPEG files for photos
  • Scan from flatbed or ADF
  • Edit images: Rotate, Crop
  • * Re-order pages
  • Automatically find wireless and LAN connected HP All-in-Ones on a local network
  • * NEW! Supports all scanning devices with correct Windows 8.1 drivers installed.

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• Defect fixes

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Reviewer 6693 · 7/24/2015
Does the job reliably for simple scans

A very convenient software, which concentrates on the basic issue of scanning a document or photo into various graphic and document formats. There is, however, no OCR, no way to add pages to a document, and no page controls such as contract/saturation, with which it would have been perfect.

Reviewer 7891 · 7/25/2015
Drops the app

Every week or so my HP computer says Scan to Computer not activated...this is an ongoing issue. In fact this is the last time I buy anything HP...used HP for 20 years, this last go around with the Pavilion 23 and 8000 series printer are proving to be more frustrating than not!

Keith · 7/17/2015
Pretty Good -- Needs 2-Sided Scan Flip Edge Option

It's a pretty good and pretty easy to use application. Unfortunately two sided scanning using the ADF on a X476DW doesn't include an option for which edge to logically "flip" the document on, and even more unfortunately the default (short edge) is usually wrong for most documents. Most printed documents being two-sided wanted to be "flipped" along the long edge. There's a band aid for now by using the post-scan flip page option, but I'm looking forward to HP addressing this minor oversight in order to make a multi-page document scan completely automatic.

Reviewer 1688 · 7/17/2015
Totally unnecessary app.

Can't figure out whether to use this app or just have the printer scan as usual. Why not just hit "scan" on the printer?? No easy way to change settings, such as SCAN IN BLACK AND WHITE instead of COLOR...

Tamara · 7/26/2015
excellent OPTIONS

Allows setting options for photos and documents separately.

Reviewer 6383 · 7/11/2015
Worked Great

This worked very well with my printer and computer. Only complaint I have is that you cant create a folder while youre saving the document, and I had trouble getting the whole file together. Wait until the document is completely scanned in before you mess with anything. The interface was super easy to understand.

Reviewer 9710 · 7/18/2015

You can scan and look at it on the screen, and you can crop. But that's it. No option to save what you just scanned.

Reviewer 6016 · 6/30/2015

I managed to scan and crop a document but couldn't save or print it. The object of this whole exercise was to do just that.

Reviewer 3636 · 7/3/2015
Envy Scanning

Just tried to use the scanning on my new printer together with my new Microsoft Tablet. It worked thus far, good. A little to much of "things" to have to learn for a simple task as scanning was on my other HP printer with my laptop. But I'll prevail, I'm sure....!

Reviewer 1636 · 6/10/2015
Life saver!

Always used MS picture manager to edit(rotate) documents in jpeg. Doesn't work with win8.1, Tried emailing scanned docs with gmail and could only send 2 pages with each email. Found THIS program, scanned all 12 pages into pdf format and was able to all pages in one file to gmail and send! YAAHH! I can also scan photos for my picture library too. This is much better than than the ms picture editor, much better. Documents are true in pdf, not blurry like jpeg The more I use this program the more I love it!

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