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Iris · 3/8/2015

The, app works great...mostly. You would think for being and app that came automatically on my phone it would perfectly! But on the news section any videos dont work. And it says to press a link if the video doesn't work... That link does nothing. I have had my phone from a year now, it would be nice to watch the videos about the news...

Stefan · 12/30/2014

This is just like the app for Android that comes preinstalled on all HTC phones. I forgot the name of it it's been awhile since I used an Android phone. Although this app is pretty unnecessary if you update to the Windows phone 8.1 because Cortana basically does all this and more.

Clarissa · 10/30/2014

It's a great app and always has been as long as I've had my 8X. However, I updated to 8.1 and the live tile does not update anymore. When a fix for this has been pushed through, 5 stars.

Michael · 10/5/2014

Time isn't updating on my live tile, the reason I use this app is to see the time & weather large on my home screen

Philip · 8/6/2014

I'd give zero stars if I could. This is a garbage app on a garbage phone (HTC 8x). I love Windows 8.1, but this phone stinks for a lot of reasons (just Google it). This app's only redeeming quality was that it displayed a live tile clock with weather. Now it's just blank. Radio silence from the developer since 09/13. Can't wait to get a Nokia. Wish I could get one now.

Gary · 6/9/2014

I am running the 8.1 developer preview upgrade. The live tile for this no longer updates.

Kevin · 5/26/2014

I liked the app until the live tile stopped updating. The time doesn't change, and I've repinned the app a few times. Done with it.

Stephen · 5/18/2014

Came pre loaded with my phone and normally works great but now it just constantly shows the wrong time.

Samuel · 5/2/2014

Really poor showing here. The app loads incredibly slow and the accuracy of weather forecasts is less than desirable. Manually adding certain locations is impossible because the app refuses to acknowledge they exist.

Bob · 4/26/2014

Running latest developer version of Phone 8.1 - 8.10.12359.845 The time in the live tile no longer updates automatically.