• Watch current hit TV shows, classic series, and acclaimed movies
  • Enjoy popular kids shows, including SpongeBob SquarePants, Pokémon and many more, ad-free
  • View in fullscreen or snap to the side and watch while you work
  • Pin your favorite shows for instant access from the Start screen
  • Search for content from the Windows 8 Charm bar
  • Available on TVs and other connected devices in HD for $7.99/month with limited advertising

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- Bug fixes and performance enhancements

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Jeremy · 7/29/2015
Great App for Hulu

This is a great way to avoid a cable bill, and still enjoy the shows. This app does all that it should do to easily see your favorite shows!

Marcus · 7/23/2015
This is not free.

Requiring a pay to view shows with ads app doesn't make any sense, and why can I log into the site on my computer for free but not the app on my computer. Follow the Netflix model already!

Reviewer 9242 · 6/18/2015
Needs play next feature

....I have this application on my Xbox, and it works rather nice. On my surface pro 3 it doesn't have a auto play feature... even something at basic as playing the next episode and then requisition I select to continue is worth it. That way I don't have to click repeatedly to just play through my episodes.

Reviewer 2343 · 6/22/2015

It freezes way to much and takes forever for episodes to load even if my connection is really good. Also it keeps saying " trouble connecting to sever". Like really? Then I was having issues with it and uninstalled it and when I tried to log back in it wouldn't let me. I love Hulu, but it would be great if this could be fixed.

Tom · 7/29/2015
Great with Surface Pro 3 and Win10

The touch interface in really nice to browse with. Very happy with this app.

Reviewer 3504 · 6/11/2015
It works for the most part

It never works great for me. It either freezes mid stream or loses its own place while playing. Along with that it sometimes just doesn't want to play the video period it tries but it doesn't start up. And sometimes the app just doesn't open up fully or shuts itself off without any reason. But after a while it started working correctly more frequently with a hitch every now and then.

Reviewer 1296 · 6/8/2015
Very poor

Hangs, spends a lot of time buffering. Often requires restarts and occasionally freezes and requires a reboot to get it going again. Worst streaming program ever. I have a very high speed computer and a 60 Mb internet. This does not happen on any other service.

Reviewer 5407 · 7/19/2015

SO far so good, BUT! I have to press play after everything I watch, while the browser version of Hulu+ plays shows in succession as it should, I'm stuck back in the year 2010 over here having to press play after every show. Get it together Microsoft. Other than that? it'll do.

Miranda · 6/15/2015
Hulu Plus is the Bomb Diggity.

I love Hulu plus.. Hulu Plus is Definitely the Bomb Diggity. And I love watching All my favorite TV shows on here but especially I love watching some of my other favorite TV show on Netflix.

Reviewer 7031 · 5/25/2015
freeze, crash, freeze, crash etc...

crashes and freezes all the time. with a paid subscription that is just not acceptable. maybe they should put some of those monthly fees they collect into developing an app that actually works.

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