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Ian · 9/1/2015
Good! However...

I love this app, and I use it about 95% of the time that I want to watch videos. However, the other 5% of the time, I either can't find the video that I want to watch, or it's unavailable. In addition, I've noticed that the refresh on the home screen doesn't work quite right as it will bring up videos from weeks ago(ones I've already watched) rather than some uploaded a few hours ago (that I haven't seen). I don't know if this could have anything to do with the amount of people I'm currently subscribed to, but I don't think it should. That being said, this app truly is the best YT app out in the store right now and I would recommend it to anyone who wants an app instead of going to the browser.

Jonathan · 8/30/2015
Best YT App Available

Nice user interface. Includes: playlists, watch history, and liked videos. The new uploads from subscriptions seem to not appear right away. The built-in feature to download to mp3 works well. If you want to download videos in 1080p or higher quality, you have to pay for the pro version. Overall, this is my favorite YouTube app.

Reviewer 2120 · 8/30/2015
Very well designed... if not for a few frustration

This app is one of the best touch-interface YouTube clients I've found on the store. It's easy to use, contains many controls from the HTML5 player, such as playback speed and video quality selection. Comments are easy to make and menus are generally easy to navigate. Most importantly, it's CPU-light and battery-friendly, unlike the browser version of YouTube. Problems: Autoplay is a nuisance. There's no way to turn it off as I can see, and it makes viewing the comments/related videos after the video difficult. Also, the subscriptions feed isn't always accurate even after a refresh. Downloading videos is a little wonky and sometimes doesn't work, but I use keepvid.com for that. Otherwise, I'd highly recommend this player.

maxortium · 8/29/2015
Free Edition-- Excellent App -- 64-bit Win 8.1

The new main UI requires some getting-used-to, but is good; however, I prefer the previous UI--It was better for browsing YouTube and keeping track of what u watched. The settings menu, where you can select to view videos in a specific region or worldwide, is now accessible directly from the app rather than Windows charms. The new minimized playback UI of a YouTube video is clean and has a shaded menu to view separately comments, related videos...etc. I prefer the old logo which, due to Microsoft's restrictions, the author had to change; however If you don't like the new logo either, you can "turn on live tiles" to display random videos stills instead of the logo in the start menu. This is an excellent app for viewing & downloading videos/mp3 in high quality; the author is providing good and prompt support. One last note, It would be nice if it would offer an option to switch to dailymotion.com and other video sites as well.

Phillip · 8/29/2015
Problems buffering

I really want to make this a 5 star. The older API version was wonderful. This version however, just doesn't work. The video will stop playing after a minute or two and never starts up again. I've checked it on 3 computers now and also used a different internet connection to be sure it wasn't on my end and it's not. I'm running an NVidia 760 video card with latest driver. I don't have this problem with other YouTube apps in the store. Just really prefer this one. The only nice feature I can still use is the "download video" feature.

Jonathan · 8/28/2015
A diamond in the rough, still needs some improvements

I love the fact that I can easily download youtube videos and the fact that there is a clean ui, however, it seems to be still unstable, in the sense that when I try to watch a video and say change the default quality from 140p to anything higher, it crashes and I have to reopen the app. I like the changes you have made, I'd say it is a good app if you like viewing videos in low quality.

Steve · 8/30/2015
Great for Win 10.

None of the browsers in Windows 10 can play YouTube videos anymore since they switched to HTML5 but this player seems to work fine. It has a couple of problems though, all it will do is play one video and stop. If you are watching something with more than one part there is no way to find or get to the second part after the first one ends. There doesn't seem to be any way to read the comments either.

Christian · 8/27/2015
best YT app but not a good one

Only a few videos of subscribed channels get displayed in Subbox no notification support no indicater in subbox for already watched videos. certain bad UI controls links for YT videos in video descriptions broken App doesn't correctly open if device is offline, even if I just want to watch downloaded videos no support for Windows' back button no support for YT messages no annotations no "in this video" tagged videos no support for multi-streams Still best YT app for Windows but that's no reason to say it's good

Budana · 9/1/2015
Audio download problem

The app works "five stars" in windows 8, but does not work as a music downloader in windows 10. I Wish fixes coming. Some credit have to be made as it does have some promise and the interface is good.

Valery · 8/23/2015
Looks perfect, with imperfections

This app is fantastic, but needs polish. There is a problem with the download function, it takes ages to actually start playing downloaded YouTube vids. Please fix



  • Create and save Playlists.
  • Download videos as MP3 or MP4.
  • Type to search from any screen in the app.
  • Customize the app to your liking.
  • Supports multiple YouTube user accounts.
  • Uninterrupted background playback.

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Version Brand-new Design Completely re-written to support API v3

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