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Christian · 8/27/2015
best YT app but not a good one

Only a few videos of subscribed channels get displayed in Subbox no notification support no indicater in subbox for already watched videos. certain bad UI controls links for YT videos in video descriptions broken App doesn't correctly open if device is offline, even if I just want to watch downloaded videos no support for Windows' back button no support for YT messages no annotations no "in this video" tagged videos no support for multi-streams Still best YT app for Windows but that's no reason to say it's good

Valery · 8/23/2015
Looks perfect, with imperfections

This app is fantastic, but needs polish. There is a problem with the download function, it takes ages to actually start playing downloaded YouTube vids. Please fix

Phillip · 8/27/2015
Best YouTube app on the store.

New version isn't as remotely good as the old one, but still glad to have it. EDIT(08/27/2015): Getting a lot of "item unavailable" errors on videos, and sometimes the app will hang at launch, on the launch screen.

Prithvi · 8/25/2015
Live tile titles....

Just a suggestion: Please try to change the font color of the titles of the videos that appear on live tiles to white from black. It's pretty hard to read the whole title for many videos since most of them have a dark shade in their thumbnails. Thank you.

Yeks · 8/23/2015
Keeps crashing when I click on any kind of video

I use to love this app when it was still working before the whole youtube thing, but now I can't even play any videos, it'll just crash I f I click on a video. Using windows 10 by the way if that helps Edit: Got it working after I reformatted my laptop Edit 2: The old UI was so much better

Dan · 8/15/2015
Best YouTube Window 10 App...with work to be done..

No complaints so far But two things. Why isn't my playlists that I favorite / Like show up? And the biggest issue is VIDEOS CONSTANTLY DROP QUALITY TO KEEP BUFFER. This is highly annoying and I don't like this feature one bit. I don't mind pausing a video at a higher quality for a minute or two to get 720 / 1080p quality. I even set the default playback quality to 720p yet it keeps dropping and I have to change it back. PLEASE fix this issue. DX

Miles · 8/18/2015

Well...this app WAS amazing until it got removed, i like the new layout but well...that's not the thing that cuts it for me (prepare for a lot of cons :p ) the app constantly makes the definition change and takes about AT most 20 seconds to refresh, the app constantly makes it so I...unsubscribe...well not really it doesn't show that I'm subscribed in the subscriber section it wont refresh on the home page and I REALLY don't like that the settings aren't in the charm menu (that ones just me) and a lot of the time the comments wont load and the search bar will randomly close, if you can fix/change that it will be the best YouTube app on the windows store ever

Scott · 8/16/2015
Need to add chromecast ability

Great app, easy to use, just need to able to stream to chromecast. Make it happen, thanks.

Kostas · 8/24/2015
Just improve the UI

Make it more like windows 10. It's otherwise really good and the most practical of all other youtube apps for use on a Windows 10 desktop pc. Just the design.

James · 8/10/2015
Fantastic App!

I'm glad to see this appis back, Its User Friendly, its fast, and it looks nice. Unfortunatly playlists don't currently work (At least for me), I also for some reason can't purchase the ad-free version, But all around its a great app.



  • Create and save Playlists.
  • Download videos as MP3 or MP4.
  • Type to search from any screen in the app.
  • Customize the app to your liking.
  • Supports multiple YouTube user accounts.
  • Uninterrupted background playback.

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Version Brand-new Design Completely re-written to support API v3

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