• Create and save Playlists.
  • Download videos as MP3 or MP4.
  • Type to search from any screen in the app.
  • Customize the app to your liking.
  • Supports multiple YouTube user accounts.
  • Uninterrupted background playback.

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Version Brand-new Design Completely re-written to support API v3

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Reviewer 5620 · 7/2/2015

Worked great for awhile, then stopped loading videos.

Lane · 6/10/2015

I was an user of this app and was very much enjoying it, but now I can no longer install the app! This is very disappointing, seeing as how I enjoyed it enough to purchase it. Now I'm out both my money and one of my favorite apps...

Chadder · 5/9/2015
This was the best app out there...

I went to play some videos today, and the thing says to go to youtube.com/deviecesupport which I did, only to find out that google updated their API on April 20th, and from what I gather the apps developer is using an outdated API.

Reviewer 7397 · 5/7/2015
Don't work

App needs to be updated youtube don't support the app no more plus i payed for the full version of the app. please and thank you.

Reviewer 2222 · 5/4/2015

I loved this app! It was the best for viewing and downloading YouTube videos. Its started glitching, so I uninstalled it, to reinstall it. Keep in mind that I have BOUGHT this app. I go to reinstall it, and it's been REMOVED from the windows store! What is this? I bought this, and now I can't even use it? It was the best app for streaming, and now I can't even get it anymore.... Xc A waist of my money.....it WAS a good app. They need to make another app just like this!

Reviewer 9942 · 4/18/2015
Sucks for playlists

It freaks out sometimes when jumping around a playlist. Also why can't I randomize the tracks on playlists?

Reviewer 8840 · 4/15/2015
Love the app, download problems?

I love this app. It has a simple, easy-to-use layout and the download option is great for long car rides. However, the app disappeared from my start page recently, and will no longer download. Please fix!

Suvro · 4/19/2015

Unfortunately the video downloading capability is lost, thanks to Youtube

Reviewer 7878 · 4/22/2015
Add Option For Commenting

This is a really great client for YouTube, in fact I prefer this app to the website itself. My only request is that there be an allowance to respond to comments made on videos. So far, all I can do is view comments and visit the author's page. Please make it happen! Thanks

Eric · 4/14/2015
Nice app, sad it now triggers blue-screen errors

This was my sole go-to for YouTube watching, online or off, for months. I like the UI and search, and a bunch of other things besides, but that is all now beside the point: A couple months ago, my Windows 8.1 tablet (ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-GR(S) if it helps the devs to know) started getting the Blue Screen of Death during videos in this app. It never does this until I open this app and watch any video. It doesn't happen on every video of course, or I'd have said something sooner. But it's been blue-screening occasionally during videos for a while now, and I kind of regret uninstalling it. Once there's a fix (Blue screen mentioned something about video error, if it helps to know), I'm perfectly happy redownloading this, and will be much more at ease considering the paid version. (I hardly ever buy apps, but if it's useful enough I will. This might be.)

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