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David · 8/27/2015
Does not work in Windows 10 mail

Purchased, restarted the app, rebooted the PC... and it still tells me I need to purchase it to do an actual import. So I click the Purchase button, which takes me here, and it tells me it is already installed and my only option is to open the app. It recognizes my mail account and calendar, and it reads the .ics file just fine - it just thinks I have not purchased it. Getting a refund. *edit* How do I get a refund??

Anders · 8/23/2015
Excellent tool for importing calendar files

Great app that does exactly what it promises. Works great on Windows 10! (Tested on Surface Pro 1)

GClark · 4/15/2015
It didn't work for my Work calendar

I use Outlook Web App exclusively to access my company exchange servers. I needed a way to open a.ics file and thought this was it. It didn't work, not sure if it's because of the work servers or what.

Michael · 3/24/2015
So far ok

Only used it twice, but wanted to stop the pop up so here I am putting my input in.

Peggy · 1/22/2015
Kevins appointment


Tom · 8/17/2014

stop sending me this

C.D. · 4/15/2014
Seems OK

Love what it does - hate the permissions it want to do its thing - hate it that's why a two star.

Vaughn · 7/24/2013
Not working with Delta .vcs flight detail download

Would buy if it worked just with that one site

Lidia · 4/4/2013
Smiles :0)

Very easy to use

Robin · 6/10/2015
Inefficient, does not do what it says

Alright. To start with, this does not appear to do anything that Outlook does not do. That being said, I say "appears" because it doesn't load anything. I select the file, and begin the import, and it does its loading graphic and...nothing. Just keeps loading, forever. Secondly, it can only import to "Microsoft Calendar" which, I assume is the main outlook calendar. But, since I didn't want it imported to that calendar, and it didn't import, not useful. There do not appear to be options to pick what it goes to. There's a dropdown with preset values, which are not the ones I need. You can't see that on the trial, I assumed when I got the full version I could change that. That is not the case. In short, this app is an absolute waste of 3.99-or 4.24, not that the store tells you at the time of purchase that there's tax, but that's a separate complaint. This app does nothing that Outlook Calendar or Google Calendar don't already do, and doesn't go to a calendar other than Outlook's.



  • Supports calendars associated to your Microsoft Account (Hotmail / Outlook.com)
  • Import iCalendar and VCalendar files
  • Associates with .ics files for native execution
  • Ability to select target calendar
  • Select which events in a multi event file to import

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Added a Trial mode to demonstrate the reading of the .ics file.

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