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Reviewer 3974 · 8/4/2015
Incredibly lack of intuitivity

Windows Version really needs work!! No printing, no Help, exports only to OneDrive available in app, indents one way only, and the Diagram format has no structure. You have to manually manipulate the diagram, is really useless if you want to write a quick outline and then use it unless you do it in the laptop. I am very disappointed...a waste of time indeed.

Frank · 1/11/2014
Utterly Stupid

Totally useless garbage.

User · 5/24/2013

Nice app. Export to something would be overly useful. I can't have micro ideas just on my phone. Do you have a way to integrate or export?

Gandhinath · 1/19/2013
don't buy

crashes every 2 minutes.

Luke · 3/11/2015
Pretty good

works great. fairly easy to use. just lacks bi-directional arrows. not sure how to print my concept map after i have made it, so i've just screenshot-ed it and pasted into microsoft word to print.

Wayne · 2/2/2015

I tried so many of the apps on here and it was finally between this app and Knowledge Builder (KB). KB was good, but very slow. Idea Sketch simply had more plusses. 1) It's a universal app, available on WP and Windows 8.1. 2) Create a tree from scratch, from a pic, from a document, from a webpage...it's endless. 3) View as an outline at the touch of a button. 4) The ways to export are virtually endless. 5) Very fast. 6) Fairly intuitive. There were only a few things that I would love to see changed. 1) Labeling connections between things. 2) The ability to Rename the map from inside the Map. 3) True "live" syncing between the WP app and W8.1 app. That's it, it truly is, in my opinion, the best app that is available by a long shot. Enjoy it. :)

Prem · 9/15/2014

Good. But no way to share back to windows 8 version...I can download a map I create from OneDrive...but no sync back...I would assume dev is working on this..hopefully!

Ben · 7/30/2014
Great but Takes a Little Work

I love this app! It's great for storyboarding and drawing out ideas for stories and branching paths (I use it as a GM for various tabletop games). My only complaint is that it's hard to use a standard color and shape for items. I can't tie a shape to a color, so I change both of them, which is a little cumbersome. But it's great otherwise! Definitely worth the money!

Jonathan · 5/25/2014
Hands down, this will make anyone more productive!

intuitive design, limitless possibilities, OneDrive access. Simply brilliant

Wendy · 5/12/2014
Good But Not Perfect

Out of all the mind maps I've looked at and tried, this one seemed the best to use in organizing thoughts and ideas, being able to freely move things around and connect them (or disconnect) to different parts. And being an artist who likes to draw comics, it's nice to make a quick sketch in it as well. However, it isn't all that perfect unfortunately. For me, the lack of a tutorial made it a little frustrating in trying to figure out some basic things in Windows 8.1 such as naming your map, deleting, and moving the map to different folders. Not only that, but after finding out, by chance, how to name it (since it doesn't give choice to name right when you make a new one), every time the keyboard came up, the file went straight out of sight so I had to type it in blindly. Then have to go back and do again since I couldn't see it didn't automatically take out "Untitled" for the title. There are things I wish for them to make and improve, but I'm limited in what I can write here.



  • Just jot down your ideas or automatically create one from an email, web page, or document, and let Ideament take care of the drawing.

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