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Chris · 8/29/2015
Massive Enhancement to a Great Service

The latest release is absolutely fantastic. New design, the ability to add favorites without creating an account, integration with the volume rocker display, and correct artist/track information every time. Well done guys! I used the app a little bit before and will now use it so much more to track my fave Cali stations. Can't wait to see the same on phone and even Xbox!?!?

Alicia · 8/31/2015

8.29.2015 i used to love this app. been telling everyone to change from the internet radio with a P to this one. but they just updated and now cannot pause within app. before (after upgrading windows to 10, before the app update) I was able to use peak tile and hit pause/play. now i have to exit the entire app. also i use a black/dark theme and now the app tile is barely visible. it wasn't broken last week, why change it. oh and it randomly shuts down. 8.31.2015 SHUTS DOWN A LOT. Today it randomly started playing and i freaked bc i was home alone, with back door open, taking a shower. no. not a good idea. Also where are all of my stations? it shows 3 of my stations and 30 that i do not want.

shareen · 8/29/2015
nice selections

this app has the variety of music everyone can enjoy

Rob · 8/29/2015
What happened?

Windows 10 App used to be great but, latest update ruined it. Used to be able to play and pause from the task bar but, not anymore. Play and pause controls within the app screen requires you to scroll when the window is small. If you select "Play Last Station on Startup" the app doesn't know it is playing. The "Listen Now" button is shown for the station even though it is already playing. Crashes for no apparent reason. What a disappointment. :(

D. C. · 8/29/2015
Like this app, BUT want another option

As a whole the App is great, running on Windows 10. I would like to see the option to play only the Artist I selected, not along with similar artists music, unless I specifically request it. Also this app needs a volume control.

Robert P. · 8/29/2015
Missing: All 70's, 80's, and 90's Radio

I gotta admit, it's a lot different than the older version. But, please bring back the following Custom Radio stations: All 70's, 80's and 90's Radio. Pretty please with sugar on it?

Carl · 8/29/2015
I love Iheartradio

Hi, I just want to say I love iheartradio I use it almost everyday it has my favorite music and its got a lot of selections of radio stations and music. I love iheartradio keep up the good work Iheartradio.

Manzoor · 8/30/2015
This is amazing!

As far as updates go this is one of the best ones I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot . iHeart has successfully done a very beautiful UI that works very well with Windows 10, and from the looks will work well with 10 Mobile as well. Thanks!

Elliott · 8/27/2015
Works great on Windows 10, missing volume control

Love the app, and it works well on Windows 10 (fresh install, not upgraded, so I can't speak for upgrades yet). But sometimes, you want to just listen to music softly in the background, while other sounds are louder, but the app doesn't have its own volume control like the website. Add that for 5 stars! ;)

Nathan · 8/30/2015
PC Version

I had the version that was first released with Windows 10. That version was terrible. Now, the new version in the screenshots is really nice, which I think it's version 5. The version I had, had a red app icon while this one has a purple app icon. The only thing this version needs to do is add the ability to change the volume via the Volume Mixer in Windows. I do not know how they would do it, but it should not be too hard since they have a volume control in the app itself. So, all they have to do is link those two controls together, and save the current volume level. Now, in order for me to get this new version, I had to uninstall the app, close out this store page, relaunch the store page, then install the app again. So, I wish there was an easier way to get new updates.


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