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Added Search function that will allow search for song or artist to create your own commercial-free, uninterrupted Custom station Update Live tiles with Station Metadata

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John · 7/29/2015
I Heart Radio <3

I love I Heart Radio because ,I can drown out the background noise at home. It is so Loud at times, I can not here myself think. I love them all , but I am the one who is Handicapped 100% Physically .I have always loved the conception of I Heart Radio . Unfortunately it came into Las Vegas .When I was moving ,I did play it all through each Interstate Highway

Reviewer 8513 · 7/18/2015

It could be great app but there is no control options to exit or turn off radio services. It just keeps playing. In addition, it will play over itself if you switch artists/songs or stations. Cant get the previous one to quit before the new one starts. Its completely frustrating!! Maybe there's a glitch in my program?? Thanks D. Thomson/Salt Lake City, Ut

Reviewer 3232 · 7/19/2015
Better than Pandora

I love how there is only ads when you open a new radio or how it's just a picture that plays while your listening to your music, I can listen to music all night and only have to listen to one add

Reviewer 7509 · 7/11/2015

best radio stations you can ever can choose what stations to listen to and add what you the iheartradio app.thank you for a great app. Mr.David Adams

Mark · 7/25/2015
Nice App - Dies regularly

I like the app, but it is prone to failure coinciding with Windows updates. I am on my 4th reinstall in as many months. Add a little stability and this would be a great app (Maybe Windows 10 edition will fix the recurring issues)...

Jayne · 7/24/2015
What the what?? Will not save my location or zip c

Playback stops on its own whenever another app uses data. It used to run continually in the background. Now its useless. It worked like a finely tuned machine prior to today's windows updates. (Win8/RT). I uninstalled and reinstalled this app and still not working. I guess they think they got my money. Not gonna happen. Works well on Samsung Galaxy Note II. SO.... must be surface. Android is still best mobile OS solution.

Reviewer 0590 · 7/22/2015

This is actually one of the best radio apps I have found. The only thing I don't like is how you only get soo many skips. What if you don't like most of the songs that are playing. So its a little stupid.

Reviewer 6319 · 7/1/2015
iHeartRadio Sync of My Stations

I really don't understand why using iHeart Radio on multiple devices doesn't sync your stations. There may be a difference in running the app versus logging into the Internet based account, but I wish they were synchronized! Otherwise, I love the music.

Reviewer 6318 · 6/20/2015
App is a piece of fecal matter

The only thing good about this app is the lack of spyware. App crashes 100% of the time. It also stop playing 100% of the time. They suck please update. I want them to totally redevelop the app as their is very little other options on certain shows and radio stations.

Krystal · 7/18/2015
Love this app

I have been a long time fan of this app. Lets me listen to any radio station. Music is the heart of life.

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