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Added Search function that will allow search for song or artist to create your own commercial-free, uninterrupted Custom station Update Live tiles with Station Metadata

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Gregory · 8/2/2015
No volume control

Great sound quality and solid app for W10, but my only issue is no volume control (does not appear in volume mixer either). Can't use this app for decent background music while doing other tasks like gaming while using voice communication at the same time.

Jeremy · 8/2/2015
Iheart Rocks

I listen to iheart all day at work and I rarely even hear a advertisement. the music is recycled a lot but not to often. Does what it says it does, what more could you ask for.

Cole · 8/2/2015
Its alright I guess. Needs more refining.

Its alright for the most part. iHeartRadio app volume should be separate from the computers main volume. (I like to play music in the back ground of what I'm doing.) You should be able to add artist/songs to your own stations to customize your stations to your liking.

Marty · 8/2/2015

what a variety of music it's great

Arielle · 7/30/2015
My only gripes:

Great app, but I just wish I didn't have to have the app open on my taskbar all the time. Please make it minimize to tray or be able to play while closed! Also, I'd like one of those notification pop-ups in the corners when the info changes with the song. Many music players do this.

John · 7/29/2015
I Heart Radio <3

I love I Heart Radio because ,I can drown out the background noise at home. It is so Loud at times, I can not here myself think. I love them all , but I am the one who is Handicapped 100% Physically .I have always loved the conception of I Heart Radio . Unfortunately it came into Las Vegas .When I was moving ,I did play it all through each Interstate Highway

richard · 7/31/2015
pretty cool

variety variety

Roger · 7/31/2015
The Best Music app in the Store

Hands down best music app with Custom Stations that you can create to your taste. Install and enjoy, it really is that simple.

Reviewer 5008 · 7/31/2015
deleting I hart app in windows 8. keeps crashing

go to startup page (key that looks like a window) look for a small arrow in a circle lower left. click on it then find ihartradio (scroll to the right if necessary) right click on mouse then drop down to delete and click. done. I love this app on my phone but I can not get it to work on my 6 month old Toshiba laptop for more than two months. it try's to load (fetching configuration) then page pops up then crashes. it made my computer so slow it took 3-5 mins for a page to load when I was on line even when I would restart computer. deleting it solved my problems. good luck!

Reviewer 7335 · 7/30/2015
Great App

I love iheartradio... It works best with android but windows isn't bad either. for those who complain about crashing, you might need to uninstall and reinstall. I've had to do this a couple of times with windows especially after windows updates...

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