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Demitrius · 7/24/2015

Great, much better than any other app I've used (Pandora included) and use it for all my music and is great when wanting to learn a little more about bands and has a great filter to keep it to the same-kind of bands

Josh · 7/14/2015

I'm giving iheart radio 2 stars. The app is one of the best I've seen in a long time. On the other hand, it crashes consistently. Everytime I open it. If you'd fix this, I would gladly give you 5 stars, k? Now put a nerd on it and get ER done!!!

Danny · 7/28/2015

It's ok but it constantly is losing its connection. Really annoying and makes it hard to use this app

Tabitha · 7/31/2015

This app is okay... If you want basically a radio. The custom stations doesn't work well.... My phone comes with a radio app built in that doesn't waste my data, so uninstalling.

jeff · 7/10/2015

This app is a piece of s#¡+!!! I spend most of my time just trying to get the app to load. When and if it loads the app closes itself and I have to start all over again. I wish there was another way to listen to these stations because I f'n hate iheart radio

Leslie · 7/24/2015

This app keeps making me log back in constantly.. So annoying

Derek · 7/23/2015

Horrible audio quality. Sounds like streaming from the 90s. App interface is mostly good.

brandi · 7/7/2015

I like Pandora better. I can listen to songs with out being cut off. Booo iheart radio you suck. Yup.

Martin · 6/12/2015

Good, but needs more variety.

Christopher · 6/11/2015

Frequently cuts off, long to load, almost impossible to listen to specific songs without hearing many others first&they limit the number of rejected songs/day, then start playing songs you've rejected;& they say it doesnt use data, but that's only if ur listening to local radio stations, otherwise expect your data use to triple or quadruple, as if you were playing google app games all day long.