• support for all popular instant messaging services
  • free text messages and photo sending
  • group chats
  • multiple accounts per service
  • typing notififcations
  • personal status messages

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This version includes various improvements and bug fixes. Thanks for all your comments and suggestions! Stay connected with us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/plusim

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Demetrius · 7/28/2015

I wish it didn't instantly ask me to rate it. That's a very annoying feature. Though, most apps do this, so it's what ever. Simple messenger, easy to use. I haven't seen any app-breaking issues.

Reviewer 6024 · 7/25/2015
Are you kidding me?

I must have logged into my FB account five times, and it keeps logging me out. It will not stay logged in so I basically cannot use this. I'd rather wait until FB creates a stable Messenger app. Not even worth the free, ad-supported cost of this program. Won't even waste my money on the paid version. Thanks but no thanks.

Angel · 6/24/2015
Great app

Convenient and easy to use- saved me SO much time

Ashlie KX · 7/16/2015
It sucks ! -_-

When I tried to login to my Facebook account multiple times, it kept saying login not authorized. . That's total bull sh*t, don't you think?

Reviewer 8564 · 6/2/2015
Not too bad

It's a decent messenger app for windows 8, but if it crashes, every bit of conversation history from that open session is gone. I think it should immediately save conversation history to disk like other messengers do. Also facebook doesn't work anymore.

Reviewer 2463 · 5/28/2015
Otaku 101

Great App even with the ad supported version. Makes chatting with contacts easy and I can chat with my girlfriend while she's bored at work!

hambfambly · 7/18/2015
doesn't work with facebook

shouldn't advertise that it works with FB if it doesn't. Don't care whose fault it is FB or the developer, either way it doesn't work with FB. Just be honest then we don't have to leave bad reviews.

Steve · 7/25/2015

First, it suggested a contact, which I accepted. Then it wouldn't let me add any other contacts! I tried 10 times, but each time I finalized by clicking Add, nothing happened. Then I tried to delete the one contact I originally had--it warned me and when I clicked Yes nothing happened! The one contact remained. What a piece of junk. One star is one too many.

Reviewer 5021 · 6/25/2015
Loved it until Facebook stopped connecting

I use this primarily for Facebook messaging, because I don't want the Facebook app. But suddenly I couldn't "authorize my account" for Facebook, so to me, this app is now primarily useless. All I use it for now is Google chat, and I only have 1 or 2 people I talk to on that. I wish the Facebook issue would be resolved because I loved it before the issue. Other than that, it works pretty well, but there are some hiccups.

Rebecca · 4/14/2015
Great tool!

I use different IM platforms for work related conversations. IM+ is an incredible tool that allows me to have multiple conversations on different platforms simultaneously without having to open multiple programs and keeps everything organized for me. A personal favorite from here out!

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