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Nikit · 5/18/2015

Three stars, because this is not a quick and responsive as an IM should be. It's slow on startup even on my Lumia 1520 & then there is always message banner running showing connecting..... When switched backed from multitasking menu or from notifications. I brought paid version to fix my messaging problem. Satisfied but not happy. Hoping upcoming updates will be making it fast enough.

Costello · 8/28/2015
Please Update

Please Update For Google+ Hangouts!

Zoli · 8/24/2015

It's not real Google chat. No refresh in background, no notifications. Waste of money.

Chris · 11/9/2014

Works as well as I'd expect. A transparent tile option would be appreciated, but otherwise good work.

Steve · 10/6/2014

New version is much faster at starting and resuming, a very welcome improvement and makes it much more usable. No real complaints anymore after that improvement, but would like to see a transparent time option.

Fausto · 8/27/2014

Works well with Google hangouts and Facebook messenger. It doesn't upload pictures directly in Hangouts, instead it sents a web link. Ugly icon.

Ronik · 8/22/2014

This is a really good app. A complete IM solution for Windows Phone. The only problem is that it frequently crashes when trying to relaunch it (after using it). When the app crashes, the always-on connection is also lost. Also I do not see the app in the list of the background tasks in the settings menu. So I'm not sure how the app can maintain the always- on connection. The same problems exist in the free version also. I bought the full version hoping it would solve the crashing problem, but it did not. Please update and fix the crashing problem.

Stefan · 8/17/2014

A great app all around, except for one major bug, where it will occasionally send IMs to wrong conversation, despite the correct one being up on screen. At best this is confusing, and at worst quite embarrassing. Be careful when using this app!

Brad · 5/25/2014

Setup for Google Account was a little counter-intuitive with second factor auth set up (use the three dots in the lower right, sign in with username/password option, use application password), but once activated it worked! Without re-launching the app, and with a 12+ hour lull in Google talk messages, I received toast notifications for new Google talk messages the next day. Worth the $5 to me.

Chryssie · 5/14/2014

Absolutely massive battery hog and rather unstable. I'm not sure what they've done to this but your battery levels will drop faster than a rock into a black hole if you keep it open.


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