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Miguel E · 8/3/2015
Minor Improvements

Notifications need improvement. When a notification pops up for a message I am receiving, if I click the note, it brings the app up but then proceeds to repeat the notification...shouldn't hitting it once bring you right where it needs to be, instead of necessitating a second selection every time? I've actually recommended and installed more than once, make it worthwhile... It would be nice to see further updates for the new Windows 10 OS in order to take advantage of new features and functionality. All in all, good work...

Lee · 6/22/2015
Total garbage would be an upgrade

* Yahoo rarely seems to send and receive messages to another user who is either on the native Yahoo client or IM+ even * Google Talk is always in an expired state and cannot move it out of this state, it's authorized at Google. * Facebook does the same thing. * Total lack of support Don't waste your money, I've reinstalled, same troubles.

Gavin · 6/18/2015
Pretty Damned Good

There's some connection stability issues every once in a while, but they are resolved quickly.

Jason · 4/15/2015
Not pleased with recent updates

I had to actually go back to the ad laden version. A recent update has killed any functionality. Will display loading then immediately quit to desktop. Have done removal and reinstall several times and nothing works. I REALLY need this software to work, especially after I DID pay for it just so I wouldn't have ads.

Parker · 4/1/2015

This is a great app! It does everything that you expect it to do with no shortcomings. Very easy to use!

katie · 4/8/2015
Wish it was just a bit more consistent

It's OK. Doesnt always catch all my IMs so I miss some convos. Not sure if this is googles fault or the App. Buut it's the only app i can use to get hangouts on my phone and metro version of windows.

Sean · 3/13/2015
Application needs some significant updates.

While its probably the best of a bad group of IM clients geared toward the modern interface, it lacks a large number of features that would move it to an almost immortal status, instead of one of the mediocre rank and file. Image handling is poor, images cannot be viewed inline, image and file formats are heavily restricted when they're simply hosting a link and sending that. Why can't I share images directly into the app? Because they're not accepting the image intent from external apps. Well, ill just take a desktop screenshot then right? WRong. 9 out of 10 attempts fail to attach the image, and at least 1 of those 10 completely crashes IM+ pro. 10 out of 10 attempts to paste the desktop screenshot into one note works, so you can't blame MS for this one. Cloud sync for conversations doesn't seem to work well. Two PCs open to the same conversation have different content, there's no hope for cross platform. It appears the comment limit is 1000 and im just getting started.

Elizabeth · 3/10/2015
Great Instant Messaging App BUT....

It's great for instant messaging, especially AIM and Facebook. But, it'd be nice if you could format the chats better and whatnot. Also, the user interface isn't the best, it's easy to use but at the same time really annoying when performing certain actions. But, since it's really the only app that I've found that supports AIM (AOL) Instant Messenger. But, I do like that I have the option to have IM+ Push mode send me emails whenever someone IMs me. I recommend this app, especially for AIM.

Reviewer 3302 · 6/10/2015
IM plus pro

not very happy . no clear way to initiate video chat and can't accept one when invited

Ho Tro · 1/28/2015

Thank you. this app is very useful :D



  • Support for all popular instant messaging services
  • Free text messages and photo sending
  • Group chats
  • Multiple accounts per service
  • Typing notifications
  • Personal status messages
  • IM+ Pro supports chat history
  • IM+ Pro offers customizable Push timeout
  • IM+ Pro is ad-free

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This version includes various improvements and bug fixes. Thanks for all your comments and suggestions! Stay connected with us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/plusim

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