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Eric · 8/26/2015

The app is horrible at enabling and disabling accounts. Don't want to be signed in twice as messages get mixed up. Can't reconnect to an account if it fails to connect (have to disable and enable), which happens quite frequently. A bunch of services don't work, like Skype. Edit: This app is terrible when you're trying to configure jabber accounts. If you make a mistake or I it can't connect, it gets into an infinite connecting loop. Only way to kill it is to out the phone in airplane mode. And then, you can't even edit or make changes since the app apparently needs a connection to even remove an app. Just terrible. I think I'm going to kill myself because of this app.

Emily · 8/15/2015

I use it for Hangouts. It's rudimentary at best. It doesn't alert me all the time when I receive messages. It is also bad at showing when contacts are online, it's like it sets my contacts by default to "away" unless they don't have a hangouts app, then they are offline. When you send pictures it sends a weird link that hangout users have to use a browser to open in order to view image. Kind of weird and works with a few notification glitches, but works the best for hangouts. It is the 2014 model, I personally think there should be an update without the paid version. Also if you go on hangouts on a laptop, then turn to your phone only incoming messages are saved when using a different device. Your messages sent aren't saved when sent through actual hangouts on a different device.

Mahmoud · 9/1/2015
not working with windows phone 10 preview

not working with windows phone 10 preview

Felipe · 8/28/2015

It is working really bad since last update. Loses connection, stops notifying and is super slow! Remove ads also

Benjamin · 7/11/2015

A little tricky to get the hang of, but works well and does what it needs to.

Eleude · 6/22/2015

Only app for gtalk on WP. It's good but need to improve, like chose to open on recent messages and hide all the other stuff.

Elizabeth · 6/22/2015

This is my only choice for google hangouts, so I gave it a try. The app has frequent crashing and connection problems. If you ever want to have an actual conversation with someone and you have another form of contact, use that instead.

Manoj · 5/30/2015

Sometimes it's not work 🏢 good but allover work good than fb messenger. I think u need to improve it.

Adam · 8/4/2015

I have to re-add all my accounts everytime I start this app. They get deleted when I close... Also, everytime I open the app I get a message saying "there was an error last time etc". All my apps are stored on SD card. Not sure what the problem could be.

Ejay · 7/26/2015
Does not work at all Blu WinHD LTE

App starts and claims there was a problem with the last start (this is after a fresh install), account settings never save prompting to re-enter that information everytime you start the app. Lastly once you have it launched, clicking on a contacts name does nothing, no new chats, nothing. I've uninstalled and reinstalled twice now. This used to be my go to messenging app on iOS, sadly like so many apps for Windows phone IM+ is just a useless waste of space.


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