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Marko · 8/5/2015

Fantastic! Just don't know where to login. Otherwise, great with new updates

Cory · 7/6/2015

Poor support, and lack of regular updates. Same old info from nebby months ago

Sascha · 8/10/2015

Please enable sign in to our accounts! Otherwise the app is pretty good.

Michael · 5/27/2015

Great app, minus one star for not letting me save favorites (especially theaters.)

Joseph · 8/2/2015
No support

No support, same old lame design for last coupe years

Faisal · 5/7/2015

No way in competition with ios or android. Needs live tile and trivia and parental guidance for movies. Otherwise its an ok app.

praveen · 8/17/2015

It's pathetic that you are not updating this app.Last update back in 2012.Pity on you!!

kelly · 8/9/2015

"Convenient procedures, products and services are those intended to increase ease in accessibility, save resources (such as time, effort[1] and energy) and decrease frustration." This is the purpose of an app. But in this instance, it is much more convenient to view the site through a browser app. Please, developers, personalize your app. I would like to be able to contribute to pages detailed, lacking, or incorrect. Using an appropriate algorithm, you could methodically filter comments, ratings, and edits. The entire app could run with a minimal staff, and appreciated contributors could be rewarded through some form of agreed payment. Better results, better margins; better app, better ratings. Let us help you be better.

Dan · 3/27/2015

Frequently cannot connect to get data. It has started crashing everytime I open it & go to theatres & choose my theatre. This has been going on for more than a month without a fix. Otherwise, a most attractive app. I am not fond of the endless selection of wanna-be critics... There are too many. Why not just ask anyone on the street for their opinion? Cast view: Pictures often will not fill in so you have to click each name to get a view if you are looking for an actor.

Adam · 5/11/2015

its a shame that no login is possible since the original release... come on imdb, give us wp users some love!!! then it'll be a 5* app


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