• Immersive internet surfing
  • Smart start up navigation page
  • view two pages at the same time

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1, add 'search selection' button

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Jim · 3/17/2013
Excellent App

Well worth the money. I especially like the dual screen feature. It saves your favorite web sites so all u have to do is tap and you are taken immediately there.

Sean · 12/31/2012
Just an IE wrapper

It's nothing more than an Internet Explorer wrapper with a bad UI. If you really want to use Immersive IE, just use the app Microsoft gives you.

Scott · 1/17/2013
Beginning to dislike windows RT

I cant do anything on this tablet. It's not compatible with my printers, no browsers can open my school flash videos. there isn't a dependable app allowing me to save PDF files that have been marked or highlighted. I tried this browser to see if the flash videos would play on it... no such luck.

Bill · 2/1/2013
really good idea

as win 8 finally fully support touch, so this going to help you share one computer with two people, surfing internet at the same time, this would be impossible before win8

Anonymous · 1/13/2013
deserves the price

this version is way better.

Anonymous · 1/12/2013
the latest update is much better

I would say this version is a huge improvement, not only modernized the UI, but also a really cool new feature: dual view mode. I can view two different pages at the same time, which is very helpful when I want to compare two pages.

Reviewer 2439 · 1/5/2013
not bad

it's unfair to totally ignore its functionalities, but blaming the UI which it does not intend to be good at. It does what it claims to function: smart startup page & immersive browsing, though UI is not that professional

Anonymous · 12/28/2012
I love this tool

I am afraid I am going to love this tool, because I found I used it a lot in the past 3 days. I usually check a few websites everyday, I may in a train, or in bed to be warm, where it's not convenient to bring up the keyboard to type a url, here the start up page comes to rescue, I don't need to type, just click the site i want to go, and it's done. What's amazing is, as I use it more, it's getting smarter, and list those sites on top the page, which make it's super easy to find.

Anonymous · 12/26/2012
start page is nice, lack of a refresh button

sometimes I need to refresh the current page, but there isn't any button to do that. Please consider add one on the bottom app bar.

Anonymous · 12/25/2012
easy to access my favorite sites

it's really easy to access my favorite sites on the start up page, also easy to manage them, like delete a url by clicking the 'delete' url on the right. As its name implies, you are always surfing within one window, not like IE usually pop up new IE window, therefore I don't need to close those unused windows, nice!