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Robert · 8/26/2015
Great app just need some tweaking

Love the app but the screen needs to auto zoom or just make it easier than reverse pinch so I can actually see the colors on the roads. And I have a 1520. Auto zoom will make this a 5 star 🌟 app

Chris · 8/2/2015

Way too many town names cluttering up the screen. This is a traffic app, let it do its job. Also, lines depicting the roads are way too thin to see clearly when trying to use it when it counts most.....when driving. Do these developers even USE the apps before putting them out there? Terrible.

Susan · 5/7/2015

No search bar on Windows version, so I can't navigate to a place. Pretty useless app if it doesn't allow me to enter a destination.

Crispin · 1/30/2015

I don't get it. Where is the function to show me best route? Best time? It's like the app is only Hal finished and then the developers got bored and wandered off.

Kai · 1/20/2015

No ability to show more than home and work. No ability to set route options such as avoiding freeways. Useless.

T · 12/9/2014

Good was to use app, but needs flexibility of adding multiple locations. The curse of owning a Windows phone - only modest app development. Ugh.

Sally · 12/5/2014

Awesome app! I have been using Inrix daily for almost a year. I travel a lot and have used it across the country with great success.

Brady · 12/3/2014

Traffic data has proven very accurate. Time predictions very good. Love the functionality that shows route options. Withholding one star because I can't find any way to put in a one-off address to get a route / prediction for. Only works for home and work.

Josh · 8/28/2014

If it had a GPS navigation UI I could see replacing Waze with this. Keep working on it!

Isaac · 6/10/2014

Good info, poor battery use.


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