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sonya · 7/18/2015

I just switched from a android ZTE to the windows phone nokia. And the instagram app is different than the app on android. Honestly the only dislike I have is that all of my likes do not load and the pages do not load all the pictures as well so I have to keep refreshing the page but that doesn't work sometimes either.

JAJ2 · 7/23/2015

Works great for me. New to instagram and this app makes it easy

Jessica · 7/21/2015

It is still new to me. So hard to judge at this moment. I like that there are videos on here. Seems easy to use so far.

Kendall · 7/25/2015

This app is amazing. One thing I recommend, is adding a screenshot option on instagram, instead of having to press the volume and off button

Heitor · 7/15/2015

Hello, instagram Team! I would like to share with you some things: 1. The app needs an update. Since 2014 it's not updated. 2. Add Direct Messages for Windows Phone. All the other OSs has DM except, Windows Phone. 3. Video on instagram: iOS and Android has the video share resource. Windows Phone hasn't. * Some ideas: (For All platforms) - Multiple accounts. (Like Twitter does) - Save photos from people you follow. - Share you Videos share, to YouTube. (This resource, obviously, is available only If 'Video Share' was implemented.) Thank you for reading...

Christina · 7/17/2015

The app lets you do what you need to (post and like pictures, follow people), but it doesn't really go beyond that. You can't post videos or repost other pictures. There are probably other features I don't know about that are missing from this beta app. The reason I gave it 4 stars is because I know it's still in beta (I dunno *why* it's still in beta though) and I know it will improve. Here's to hoping it gets much better when Windows 10 comes out!

Margaret · 7/25/2015

Love it! I'm new to Instagram but this app has been very easy to use!

Ralph · 7/24/2015

Makes sharing pictures a lot easier.

Ruth · 7/17/2015

It's a great way to share pictures and the community is amazing and creative!

penelope · 7/14/2015

I love instagram. Sometimes I wish there were more editing options. Such as color adjustment, some new filters, etc. Overall I'm happy though. It's very easy to use and works well. I've never had any problems with the app on any platform. IPhone, Android, & now on my Windows phone. Bravo instagram, great job!