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Rod · 8/29/2015

The problem with this version on Windows Phone is that its limited and it will stick on a loading cycle until you uninstall to reinstall. Give us the option to have watermarks too so no unoriginal instagrammers are able to steal our pics. Give the option to share with all likes going to the original post-only. Also allow us to delete comments without having to get on a pc to do it, sometimes people post links on our stuff that are unwelcomed. Allow us to zoom out to get a whole photo too.

Sophia · 8/28/2015

This app works for the BASIC features for instagram, there it no DM. I would have given this app 5 stars but it looks nothing like the real instagram looks on Apple. That is one of my biggest complaints. They recently came out with a new update where the pictures aren't square anymore and it would be wonderful if Instagram Beta could catch up with all the updates and design features to make the app look better and have a better flow:)

Haley · 8/28/2015

Needs DM, hashtag list, video, and to be more updated like the ios version. It's good to just quickly post pictures and scroll through photos. Also it needs to be able to reload faster/better without wifi. :)

Lauren · 8/30/2015

This app has many 'glitches' for lack of a better word. It works for uploading photos on my end but continually says it cannot refresh even when I am connected to secure wifi. Also jumps large periods of time showing me posts from 2 minutes to 10 hrs. I have to refresh 3-4 times before it shows posts in between. Still unsure if its all the posts I follow. It will have to do until windows phones get actual instagram

Aniket · 8/28/2015

When will this app get updated. Okay if you are not going to add other features at least update it with bug fixes. Fails to connect, while I am having 50mbps of speed. I am satisfied that windows at least have an instagram but I and tons of other people request to please update it. Thank you.

Sergei · 8/24/2015
Out of date

Hasn't been updated in ages and is missing alot of features. Can't wait till instagram Devs start supporting windows phone again.which prob will be never

Glenn · 8/24/2015

Great place to share photos for people to see.😃 ❤ being able to add a 20 sec video great feature.

Me · 8/27/2015

I think it's ok, I don't like that it immediately scrolls with the new post. Sometimes I haven't finished seeing the picture and it immediately changes. Another is that instagram has to revise their windows app.😃 Im not able to receive dm messages or upload videos

Jillian · 8/26/2015

I'm addicted but I wish we could upload videos and have dm

Kari · 8/30/2015

This app won't refresh the feed. This app doesn't load all the pictures on your feed when it (rarely) refreshes. It messes up how many weeks ago something was. It tags really weirdly. It's slow. It doesn't allow videos or direct messages. NEEDS UPDATES


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