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Warren · 3/19/2015

-Live tile does not work. -Cannot connect to FB. -No updates since Jan 2014 and limited feature support (seemingly abandoned). -Don't spend money on this app, at this time. It is not worth the cost, based on the update frequency, current feature set and implementation. (That said, when the app came out it was great-despite having the bugs I reported and any other issues other haves also noted. My low review score is based on the fact that none of the issues have been resolved and that no updates seem ever to come again.)

Matthew · 3/21/2015

It used to be excellent, and it's still the only Instagram app on WP that loads high res images on my 1520, but many features now cause crashes. It needs to be updated for compatibility!

Parsia · 2/12/2015

Can't sign into facebook to share. Give a URL error.

Clifton · 5/13/2014

Better image quality upload then all other instagram clients, but link to sync with Facebook is broken, so hash tags aren't working.

User · 5/1/2014

This app used to be great but the latest update is AWFUL!!!! It can't post pictures and has tons of bugs so its constantly crashing. I haven't been able to upload a single picture successfully since the update...bummer and so lame!!!!

David · 3/20/2014

Needs a speed boost. Love the new design, though!

Yvette · 1/26/2014

Does not upload pictures all the time. Overall good.

Martin S. · 1/18/2014

Great app, please update the app just like instance free and make the loading more faster...

bob · 12/21/2013

When using the free version of the app, at one point it would not allow me to upload anymore photos, though everything else worked fine. I uninstalled and then reinstalled the app with no further issues. I then decided to buy the full version, but am now experiencing the same issue of not being able to upload photos. I would uninstall/reinstall but pay another buck fifty for it? A lil help, please?

Jared · 11/19/2013

Absolutely fantastic Instagram app. I don't even know if I'll switch over to the official one when it comes out. The interface is intuitive, the animations are fluid, and it never has problems posting. Couldn't be happier.


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