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Bob · 2/4/2014

Problems logging in. Tested name & PW on website and they worked. Verified network connectivity. Not very robust if I can't connect.

Trần · 9/24/2013

Can not login

AE · 9/9/2013

Can't login... I uninstall & reinstall but nothing... Badddd

Robert · 12/30/2012

Works great on WP7, but broken for WP8. Please fix it, this is so much better than the other apps in the store!

Fernando · 12/3/2012

Crashes alot and pages don't load. needs an update

DS2600 · 7/27/2012

Feels MUCH faster and smoother than any other app, including Baconit. However, every time I load it I have to re login and change my settings.

Avenger wL · 5/19/2012

Better than baconit. Has the same glitch that causes some stories to have missing text which is the first -1. Also had it crash on me within the first 10 minutes of using I, which is the other -1. Still a good app, needs improvements though. -Lumia 900 (AT&T)

Sam · 12/30/2012

Can no longer sign in. Email link for feedback doesn't work. When it worked it was the best reddit reader. Uninstalling.

Moy · 12/13/2012

Good app. Requires sign-in. Visually appealing. Pretty quick. I'm on Windows Phone 7, though, and yes it crashes more than I'd like it to. Please fix this?

User · 12/11/2012

Great reddit app...but have the same log in problem as everyone else. Would be 5 stars otherwise.


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