• Control your home from your Windows 8 device
  • View / Control INSTEON IP Cameras (SD and HD)
  • Easily create schedules for lighting and devices
  • Instant alerts from sensors
  • No monthly fees
  • Works with the INSTEON Hub
  • Easy to follow onscreen wizards for fast setup
  • Quick status of sensors with the Quick View page

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Richard · 7/23/2015
Refactored Universal app is a step backwards

This latest update is a terrible step backward for this application. On phone, it's nearly unusable since it often can't even connect. The startup workflow for customers with two "homes" is still terrible, it still can't program devices with secondary groups like keypads and the dual outlet, and it STILL does not support the Nest thermostat. As for the updated UI, it looks like it was rebuilt by an intern who never used a Windows Phone and with no UX oversight. Images are missing, the activity spinner doesn't even look like it belongs to the app (ALL THEY HAD TO DO WAS SET THE COLOR!), and many screens are unusable on small phones, as elements get cut off entirely. While the new Windows Store doesn't expose version numbers or release notes, the latest notes asked us to bear with them while they address reported issues. It's been nearly a month. When is this getting fixed?

Mark · 7/21/2015

Upgraded to the Hub 2 this week thinking the problems we were experiencing were due to Hub 1 compatibility issues. After rebuilding scenes, schedules, etc for nine devices. Have found that at least half the problem is with the INSTEON for Hub app for Windows. Schedule and scene updates, while they appear to update via the App don't actually take effect in the Hub. Attempts to turn off certain alerts are ignored. I finally discovered that issuing a 'refresh' using the iOS App got the Sunrise and Sunset triggers working. I also had to use the iOS App to set location for the Hub2 as that control was also ignored from both the WP and Windows8.1 apps. Status updates are also much slower than via the iOS Insteon App. Fix and I'll happily update my rating.

Kedarnath · 6/24/2015

New update on June 16 broke remote external management and the interface cannot change state (on/off) on any devices. Basically becomes a read only local network accessible. Absolutely disappointed.

Reviewer 4022 · 7/19/2015
Great Functionality

Works well and is stable, wish it had more camera function though.

Brian · 6/27/2015

Works perfectly for my home. simple setup for hub and most add ons. Cameras are a bit more difficult, but using software available on insteon website - flawless functionality. Love Cortana integration. Newest update of App has flaws, but developer is actively fixing problems. Keep up the good work and thanks for supporting our platform! Happy Insteon Customer!

Reviewer 3367 · 6/19/2015
Regretting my $1500+ investment...

I didn't think I was possible to F-up an app any more, but kudos you managed it! This "new" version is WORSE, SLOWER, UGLIER, MORE MALIGNED and HARDER to work with than the original. At least V1 looked pleasing and embraced Metro style. This one looks like a kids first attempt at HTML, with poor layout, ugly fonts and colors, and form fields that overflow the page. Regretting my $1500+ investment...

Dion · 6/22/2015

Notifications haven't worked for months, since ouch notifications have been enabled. scheduling works inconsistently. Still no support for nest even though promised for more than a year now. Camera functionality is extremely limited. New app update has rendered the app completely useless, now it doesn't work at all for the most basic of tasks.

Reviewer 9409 · 6/13/2015
Need to be on par with iOS app

I'm a Windows guy and main reason I went with Insteon was because of their support for Windows Phone. The problem is, the app still can't control a Nest thermostat, see all the buttons on a KeypadLinc, and more. I reluctantly have to use my wife's iPad mini to do most of the programming and to control the additional features it includes. The app still does a great job of making it simple for about anyone to use and even set up. One other thing, please make it that if you minimize the app you don't have to sign in each time (it does this on the Windows Phone).

Ben · 6/18/2015

The latest version of the app is completely busted. Remote access no longer works, favorites no longer work - you must access switches from the room list instead, editing room memberships is broken, fonts are too big to fit, and I'm sure more is busted. At this point it's basically unusable. The old app had a few quirks, but at least it worked.

Reviewer 7144 · 6/25/2015
Good, but limited

I bought the hub and leak detector to monitor for leaks. Then they stopped text messaging, promising push notifications were coming. Still waiting, and based on the amount of other apps using push, should not be hard to implement, especially with Microsoft pairing up with Insteon for HA.

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