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Reviewer 5680 · 8/27/2015
no support

Insteon has decided that Windows devices won't receive the same support as other platforms. Their Windows apps are constantly behind other platforms are often broken completely, for instance HD cameras don't work - and for months Insteon has told me that it will be fixed "soon". Most disturbing is that I've been told by three different Insteon support agents to use an iOS device if I want it to work. I BOUGHT THE INSTEON HUB THROUGH THE MICROSOFT STORE, AND IT HAS A FREKIN' WINDOWS PHONE ON THE BOX! I chose Insteon because I was lead to believe that it actually worked with Windows devices. I now realize that I've wasted almost $2,000 on home automation from Insteon.

Sarmad · 9/3/2015
Good ...but

the app functions very well ... however, the interface is cumbersome to use .. you have to click on icon then click again for more then you can use fading slider ... one should be able to control lights, appliances ...etc. from the main screen

Kedarnath · 8/22/2015

Aug 21 update: Remote management works but cannot toggle sensor state (plugin and light). But local network access can modify sensor state. Though "All devices" option does nor allow to enter device details unless accessing from respective room.

Daniel · 8/30/2015

Last update has broke the app. Sometimes it will work, usually comes back and says lost connection to hub. First features taken away for WP with no release date in sight to match iOs or Android, now lack of testing, I am moving away from Insteon. Hub online from iPad with no problems.

Joshua · 9/1/2015

Cant wait till it has full Windows 10 function such as real notifications and xbox integration. On my 8.1 phone it mostly works except it won't connect to my wall plug. Windows 10 mobile preview it just crashes when opening.

John · 7/31/2015
Good on desktop, not on phone

The latest update is an improvement over the old version in that it loads much more quickly and doesn't error out nearly as much. The problem is with the Windows Phone version - it is now impossible to control anything from the quickview screen. Tapping on an option to turn on, off, or more is simply ignored, and the menu goes away without doing anything. If I tap through to a particular room, it will register my requests about 80% of the time (the rest of the time it still ignores my taps). I find I have to use Cortana if I want to control anything with my phone. I had hoped for a fix by now, but still nothing...

robert · 8/23/2015
its getting there

there are still a lot of no brainers that are either not available or not intuitive of course I cant think of them right now . visually its 1000% better but the app crashes every time I try and add my cameras (ip)

Tom · 8/21/2015
Love the app and the system

I have a lot of switches, outlets, thermostat, etc. Got the hub a while back and have been using the app for months. Works well 90% of the time. Sometimes it cannot connect but when you try again it usually works.

Michael · 8/9/2015
Setup was Easy

Was easy to set things up, and allows for simple remote control of Insteon devices.

Warren · 8/31/2015

Still has issues with thermostat. I give it 2 more weeks and I'm off to Smart Things. Update to fix the update still hasn't fixed this app. The dev team should be fired for this. As a head of dev myself this would be cause for immediate dismissal from the company. Latest update completely breaks the app over cellular. Over Wi-Fi can't control my thermostat anymore. IOS app still continues to work perfectly, or is the next update on that going to break it too? What is wrong with software these days. Old fashion QA has gone straight out the window. Did anyone at least open the app before sending the update to the store?



  • Control your home from your Windows 8 device
  • View / Control INSTEON IP Cameras (SD and HD)
  • Easily create schedules for lighting and devices
  • Instant alerts from sensors
  • No monthly fees
  • Works with the INSTEON Hub
  • Easy to follow onscreen wizards for fast setup
  • Quick status of sensors with the Quick View page

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