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Q21701 · 11/23/2011

Swiper does not yet work with this app. This is a problem since you are charged a higher fee for not using it. Called tech support about the swiper. They did not even know that there was a WP7 version of this application available. Was transferred to tier 2 tech support. They also had no knowledge of a WP7 application. They wanted to know if I was a beta tester!! Yet another company who prefer the android or iPhone platforms and don't properly train for WP. Lets see some proper training and support intuit!

Simi Kilr · 7/23/2011

Don't do it till you read the fees! $60 set up fee, $20 monthly

Andy · 12/5/2012

Great app! Functions easy. If u accept mobile payments, this is the app that u need!

Player322956159 · 5/7/2012

Extra charge for typing info instead of swiping card sucks since we don't have a compatible reader.

Gelo King · 4/3/2012

Need the card reader to work. Also needs a SORT feature when creating and organizing items.

DaddyWootWoot · 1/28/2012

Great start and outstanding for one-off transactions. The missing WP7 support & lack of card reader is simply mind boggling and slap at Wp7 as a platform by one of its "Supposed" partners. Their is no excuse for not having a reader. All windows phones have mini USB. As stated, need discount, auto sub total and markup transaction fee items. It also should be greater integrated with online bundles. We should not have to add items. They should be simply downloaded.

Jen110574 · 1/28/2012

I love this feature, but the card reader needs to work. If the card reader did work I would rate it with 5 stars!!

fishheadsoup1 · 1/20/2012

it appears to work, however I haven't had a sucker, I mean, customer who needs to put the bill on a card. Now If only the card reader would work. Either way I'll be passing the "convenience fee" on to the customer. Oldly there is very little, if any, mention that WP7 is supported on the gopayment website. Account setup was relatively smooth.

THE BADDEST 527 · 1/6/2012

Make the card reader work, I love the flexibility and mobility but it would be great if the card reader worked

bcallister · 3/20/2011

Very nice app. Only suggestion is to allow a manual entry charge even if you are in items mode because you might need that sometimes. Also, different item catalogs would be cool. Thanks!


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