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Reviewer 2557 · 8/3/2015
Time tracker function does not work

There is no apparent way to start a timer when you start work on a project and stop it when you finish or take a break--which means the app doesn't do what it says it does and makes it useless to me. $2.49 down the drain.

Matt · 6/20/2014

This is a great app. Would like the export to .pdf to keep logo's and printing correctly. Shrinks log... The auto numbering for invoices seems cumbersome.

Caroline · 5/9/2014
can you back up this app and not just invoices

I like this app. It's easy to use and does a good job. My computer got refreshed and all my apps got wiped clean. I lost all my information. Thankfully I made copies so I have the invoices, but they are within the app. Did I miss something? If so, please let me know so I can prevent this from happening again.

Cheaper Than · 2/22/2014
Perfect app for a small business

Downloaded the trial version and within the hour I spent the $3 for the full version. Best invoice program I have used from the windows store.

Ivan · 11/5/2013
Excellent invoicing appliction

Great modern interface for an invoicing application. I've been trying many different alternatives such as WordPress plugins, but this application made my life easier. Definitely worth buying.

Lisa · 10/12/2013
Small Business owner, tired of the hassle with QB

I have a Microsoft Surface. I needed a program that would work with the Surface and I could use it on the go, even without WiFi.........when I found your app, I thought it was too good to be true. For $3 bucks I could create a quote, turn the quote into an invoice, add a payment and even partially payments. Also add my products, customers and share quote/invoices effortlessly. It is exactly what I needed to run my business. Thank You!!!!

Sean · 9/2/2013
Taxable status by item missing....

This app seems really great; however, the tax rates appear to only be able to be added to the invoice total, rather than based on the individual item.... Almost all of our invoices contain products (taxable) and services (non-taxable). The only way I could see this working would be two separate invoices, which is not practical.

Ryan · 6/10/2013
Great App!

Love this app, great customer support this is the best invoicing app available and is worth way more than price. Updates coming soon I'm sure will make this even better. The continue to amaze me would rate 6 stars if I could!

Louise · 3/2/2013
can't purchase

I would like to purchase the full version... however the store will only let me if I enter my full address in America... great, - except I'm in Australia.. how do I do this please!? (balouie11@gmail.com)

Pallavi · 1/2/2013
pretty good tool for simple invoicing

Pretty neatly implemented and easy to use. Print preview and export to PDF is definitely useful Recommend implementing SHARE charm - so that I can create an invoice and send it immediately. Definitely recommend



  • Create, manage invoice
  • Create manage estimates/quotes
  • Auto suggest of values to reduce typing!
  • Manage client profiles and contact list
  • Print invoice
  • Export as PDF
  • Track projects, jobs and time (In-App purchase)
  • Convert job time into invoice automatically
  • Support for branding & personalization - auto-increment invoice#, themes, currency
  • Payment history
  • Discount % at line item with Percent Calculator
  • Custom tax fields
  • Configure Currency
  • Upload custom logo to display in the invoice
  • SHARE Charm & Live Tiles
  • Custom categories for better classification of inventory items
  • Export invoices data to CSV
  • Separate billing and shipping address for client
  • PAID , PARTIAL PAID watermark on print invoice and PDF.
  • Add up to 5 custom additional cost fields to invoice /quote

App details

Version notes

All releases are based on inputs (suggestions/feedback/feature requests) from users. You can connect with us via http://modernapps.uservoice.com or by email at modernapp-invoicing@hotmail.com Release 1.15 --------------- Following new features added - 1 .Support for currency IDR, Naira 2. Item code column is now included in customize print columns 3. Now enter hours at project level instead of against date and time 4. Archive invoices 5. Invoice status change limitation removed Release 1.14 -------------- App name changed. Release 1.13 -------------- Following new features added:- 1.Add up to 5 custom additional cost fields to invoice /quote 2.Add client tax information like VAT details or company registration details that appear on your invoice. Release 1.12 -------------- Following new features are added 1. PAID and PARTIAL PAID watermark on paid invoice. 2. Filter invoice by status on home page. Release 1.11 -------------- Following new features are added 1. Projects- Track client assignments, set hourly rate and start tracking time spent on job and create invoice (InApp purchase required). 2. Configure up to 8 custom fields for invoice instead of current limit of 5 3. Ability to delete payment entries of a invoice For complete release history visit http://invoicingapp.wordpress.com/release-history/

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