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User · 1/21/2014

Simple yet powerful. Invulgo MindMapper allows a person to express ideas in whatever.sequennce they occur, then to later go back and organize and refine those ideas into a beautiful diagram which can communicate the ideas to others or aid one's own understanding of them. Although functionality is adequate for creating simple maps, there are functions which if added could greatly enhance the usefulness of the app. First, it would be useful to have "Search" capability, especially if it could be made downstream of a particular node. Also, functions allowing the export of a node and its descendents to a new mindmap and the import of a mind map as an overlay to a selected node would allow easy creation of much larger and more intricate mindmaps. As it is, however, this is a very useful app.

User · 12/10/2012

Also the ability to support Dropbox is a huge plus! Minus for not being a live tile.

ThreeCardMonte · 6/15/2011

Easy to use, useful. Need a way of sharing with PC.

gnasd · 6/4/2011

Excellent, intuitive UI that really works with the small screen. Would like to be able to import/export to other mindmap formats, and would like ability to email maps and store maps in dropbox. Good start. Look forward to updates.

Uzumakiki · 9/26/2012

Best app ever

wang · 10/21/2012



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