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Mouni · 10/10/2012
I would love to see voice input!

It is good but it needs a lot more work. For example, it should get a cards interface like the Android version.

Nick · 9/29/2012
Perfection At Its Finest

Ok, so I have and Android device, and I am absolutely in love with this. Nearly exploded when I saw iris. on the Store. I just wish it worked on JellyBean. I know it just got on the store, but could you add microphone compatibility, just to add to the PERFECTION. This will go far, believe me.

Elijah · 9/27/2012
Nice App - Few Difficulties

I love the app in itself but it never will search the web or tell me the news it says "How old are you? I am sorry, (my name), I can't do that right now. This conversation no longer serves any purpose." What am I supposed to say to search the web or open a youtube video? Plz Help? Otherwise Great App had fun with it! :)

A.H. · 9/25/2012

Very useful tool, just like the Android version. Too bad there isn't speech recognition on the Metro version. I also think it's clever that iris is siri spelled backward.

Matthew · 2/2/2013
Could be better

Iris gets confused at times. Then blames it on your internet connection. :)

Julian · 12/19/2012

iris is ok if you want to have a conversation it will talk to you and stuff but it doesn't really have any real knowledge like if you ask it question on science and stuff it will just stall.

Akshat · 11/13/2012

when asked a question always says : 'I can ask my'.... what does it stand for?... also doesn't answer any...

Kirk · 9/14/2012
Intelligent and Hip

Lots of fun to talk to. Iris is also snappy with finding answers.

Pritesh · 10/9/2012

'm having too much fun with this app, add more features like posting and checking social networking sites.

Sanjeev · 9/28/2012
bad result, not able to answer correctly

I asked this question both answers are wrong. What time in Bangalore 7:12 AM (Correct is 12:09 AM) What time in Austin 7:57AM (Correct is 1:39PM) , also no date mentioned



  • Answers General Knowledge queries
  • tells the weather in metric units
  • tells the latest stock prices
  • searches and plays videos on YouTube
  • tells the news
  • search in iris
  • share iris replies
  • show and save high quality backgrounds
  • evaluates simple arithmetic explessions
  • gives metric conversions
  • gives currency conversions

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