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Maria · 10/24/2014

Better than most but once again unable to register. If you can't register an account with Instagram, then what is the point to the app?

Kelly · 3/26/2014

It was a really good app, but it suddenly stopped letting me upload pictures. Keeps saying that there is no connection, even when I have a solid one. Bummer.

Anne-Gigi · 3/14/2014

As good as it gets for those of us who do not have WP 8 and cannot get the real Instagram app. No other app allows one to create account and post photos.

User · 11/21/2013

This app ruined two of my instagram accounts - it made one inactive and the other doesn't connect (even on another app). It has really cool edit options but it was very finicky for me and I could not get it to work.

User · 11/7/2013

Every week or so it tells me my username and password are invalid and I have to uninstall, soft reset, reinstall and change instagram account info online to fix it.

Amanda · 10/29/2013

It wont let me leave comments anymore and I cant delete any pictures and I don't get any notifications at all. For having to pay, this should work better

Mariel · 10/24/2013

Its really annoying but you have to log off your account of metrogram, upload the picture on instagraph then wait for the upload to be processed. Then when it says successful you can log back onto metrogram with the picture added..

Mei · 10/11/2013

Works very well...I just edit with another app (lomogram) Please expand amount of border colors available!!! It would be awesome to have a color picker, or at least more pastels (lighter, faint pinks, yellows, mints, lilacs)

Cling · 10/11/2013

I don't know why people don't like it, its the only app that lets you upload instagram pictures on the windows phone. Take it for what it is, and enjoy it!

Marta · 10/10/2013

This app is super clunky and difficult to use. Having issues uploading photos... It times out. The worst $1.99 I've ever spent. Horrible!