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john · 7/8/2015

Can not post pictures. If you click a website link and go back to app, it takes to to beginning of news feed. In comments, you only see a little picture of people and not the names. App crashes every now and then.

Aimi · 6/25/2015

Cannot post pictures. Been getting error since I last updated to this version

Dave · 6/19/2015

This app has a lot of features and works reasonably well, but its a spam machine. I don't mind ad-supported free apps, but when they put spam in my news feed ... bam! ... they're gone. This one started before I made a single post with it. It's been sent home.

Emma · 7/18/2015

I really like the app. Actually much better than the official Facebook app. The only downside is that it is a bit slow which I can live with, but every time I try to use the search feature it freezes.

Robby · 6/6/2015

Great phone notification and tagging ability, but the lagging is a bit much! I use it for notification alerts on my phone like texts, and when the discussion gets intense I just go to the mobile site.

Pracha · 5/22/2015

Images cannot open after updated new version, please improve.

John · 5/15/2015

Better than any other fb app on windows phone. I paid for the no ads version, and I'm quite happy...except for the random crashes. Quite annoying. Fix that, and I'll give the 5 starts this app deserves. (Lumia 635)

jianwa · 5/21/2015

Loved the app but now is too buggy... When I upgraded my phone it wants me to purchase it again to have the premium features. Still no response from the developers on this.

Sheryl · 6/2/2015

The only problem I have is when I look at notifications it'll only scroll down so far then it gets stuck. Like the app though.

Joe · 5/7/2015

Best windows phone Facebook app for windows 8.1 period, awesome app! I would give five stars but it doesn't work at all on the new Windows 10. Very sad, can't wait for the fix!