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Reviewer 1790 · 8/30/2015
Great Journal App

...BUT editing text (B, I, U, etc) is such a pain that I usually end up just turning it off and giving up. Also when moving the txt windows, it expands and contracts making it hard to line up txt! I end up spending way too much time on these issues, honestly I'd rather just write it.

Thomas · 8/5/2015
YouTube Support Would Be Awesome

This si a geat app. No more ads and the diaries look beautiful. You can add images and videos however I do wish you could embed youtube videos in the diary.

JD · 8/14/2015

Been using for a while,,Have not encountered any of the problems others seem to report..I have tried other journals but if this one holds up it is by far the best

David · 2/25/2015
Was great until the add popups started

I enjoyed this app in the beginning. Has great functionality and options but after using it for a few weeks adds started popping up on the page that sit right on top of the next page button. You have to sit and wait for the adds to disappear in order to move to a different page because there is no minimize or close button on the adds. Very annoying.......

Hannah · 2/13/2015
Amazing :)

This is a great journaling app. This is the best "diary" app I have found. (and I've gone through TONS of apps) Though you do have to buy other themes, you can protect it with a password! You can even add videos, music, and picture files! This app might also be good for scrapbooking! Overall a great app. 99% satisfied. <3

Diane · 10/9/2014
Missing Options

Wanting to start a journal... looked and reviewed the options available on Win 8.1 and thought this app was it. Liked the look, the features, and the ability to have multiple journals. Well that ended quickly for me. Going through the tutorial I soon found out that I was missing some of the buttons, like no "add text" and why is it when I select my text and want to change the font is changes from page to page.

David · 2/2/2014
Don't use!

I blogged in this app for two weeks....then, today, I opened it up with my password, wrote for a bit, closed the app, and now my entire journal simply disappeared. The app went back to the beginning with the instructional journal when I reopened it and my journal was gone!!! This app sucks!!!!

Sandy · 1/31/2014
Good start but needs work

Overall I love this app, but there is still a lot that needs work. Pros: 1. Beautiful format! The backgrounds and themes blow everything else I looked at out of the water. 2. I find it very easy to add and manipulate objects on the page. 3. Love the bookmarks! Cons/needs work: 1. As others have mentioned, the text boxes are a nightmare for long text. It would be nice to be able to type several paragraphs and have the app format it into the various pages and have default settings so I don't have to format each text box.. 2. Although there is an option to export image, it exported gibberish to my skydrive. I would like to see a realistic way to export. 3. It would be nice to be able to add video clips and url links. 4. Password protection! 5. More options for everything, fonts, themes, covers, etc. 6. I would be nice to insert pages or chapters. 7. When I view my saved journals, there is no way to tell them apart beyond opening each one.

Teri · 1/20/2014

I wish it was a bit easier to use. I wish I didn't have to use the boxes to type. Also a spell checker would be pretty cool. I downloaded a cover for the journal have no Idea where it went.

Crystal · 1/9/2014
Great App!!!....but...

I love this app. I like that I can choose different themes. While I was typing in my journal my "Chapter" tabs went away...and even if I create a new journal...they won't come back! :( I'm so sad...can anyone help? Other than that issue...I LOVE EVERYTHING about it... :)



  • manage pictures and video seamlessly in one Journal app.
  • Fun and easy to use with drag-n-drop functionality
  • Innovative design with customizable book themes and environments
  • Helpful advice from world-renowned life coaches to get you through the day and assist you on your journey to self-discovery and personal growth
  • Share pictures and video from other apps
  • Print out your book at any shop

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We have integrated with Peecho.com to allow hassle-free printing! Lots of bug fixes! Password protect your journals to ensure privacy We remove ads

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