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Rebekah · 12/26/2013
*Too* simple?

It's gorgeous and easy and it'd be perfect... if you could do italics, bold, etc. I get the whole "minimal distractions", but if I can't use italics, then I can't write on it.

Tatiana · 7/21/2013
Love It So Far

The whole app is great, very open and easy to use. Though it should have a save option and an open option. My laptop shut down unexpectedly and when I turned it back on my writing was completely gone. Luckily, I had it emailed to myself in case something like this happened. It would be great if the app had the save option so its users wouldn't have to find other ways to preserve their writing. Also, an open option would allow us to use this app with different documents.

Alexia · 5/12/2013

I've read that people can't export things. But what you can do is highlight the text, press Ctrl+C, and then paste it into a word processing program. That's the only way I know of to save anything from the app.

Dave · 3/9/2013
Very comfortable

This app does provide a comfortable writing environment which is easy on the eyes (especially with the dark theme). However, the lack of file open or save functionality really limits what you can do with it. You can use the share charm to export the text (depending on what apps you have installed), but I have found no way to open or import text into it.

Eric · 12/11/2012
Utilitarian (in a good way)

Exactly as it claims to be. Bottom line, this is not a full functional word processor. It is just for those moments when all you are concerned about is writing. It works. The only thing I was hoping for was the ability to chose a background image instead of a color. But as it stands, the app works well, no bugs.

Zelah · 8/4/2015
I like it but ..

it should count the letters properly. A test with the letters "t" "e" "s" "t" reports three letters. This should be fixed.

Reviewer 1733 · 10/14/2014
terrible app

this app sucks its terrible I tried to copy and past and it deleted my entire thing this app is horrible it doesn't allow you to do anything who cares about the light or dark it should have front copy paste send or at least something like that tbh this add is terrible and its a horrible writing tool

Cameron · 1/18/2014

Still needs control E, L and R functionality I think. Good though.

Matt · 3/7/2014
OK, can't save

Nice simple interface (literally no controls whatsoever) but it doesn't allow you to save--at least so far as I could discover.

Bill · 9/22/2014

Just right that's all No printing bummer



  • Write, focusing on content and productivity.
  • Remembers the text between sessions.
  • Allows to share text to other apps.

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Version notes

Minor bug fixes. Added character and word count as suggested by MarKooL. Added support for right to left languages, as suggested by z0z0. Fixed small visual bug for high resolution devices, thanks to our friend Chema Arenas.

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