• open Bible verses (both in PDF and EPUB formats)
  • open biblical publications (e.g. the Watchtower) and view all Bible verses in it
  • highlight text and create notes
  • read the daily Bible text
  • see what's new on jw.org
  • view the most interesting verses

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Version Notes

Version 7.0.0 - Opening a publication in a separate window. You can read a few publications side-by-side. - To open an article in a separate window hold your finger on it (or click the right mouse button). - Bookmarks - Pin bookmarks to your Start screen - Fast RTF mode. It makes Rich Text Mode work much more fluid and faster on low-performance tablets. Switch to RTF mode and see how it works. - If you want to highlight some text in a publication, tap on a word (or select some text with your mouse) and the highlighting tools will appear. Or you can open the bottom app bar and click the "Edit" button. - The app now supports narrow window mode. A window can be as small as possible. - It is not possible any more to download publications without an EPUB file due to the new Terms of Use of jw.org. - A large tile for your Start screen is now available. Go to the Start screen and find this app's tile. Hold your finger on it (or click the right mouse button), then click "Change size" and select "Large". - Fixed some bugs Version 6.9.2 - Fixed some bugs Version 6.9.1 - Fixed some bugs Version 6.9.0 - Watching movies right in the app. - Fixed some bugs Version 6.8.1 - Fixed some bugs Version 6.8.0 - Fixed some bugs - Fixed. When typing in the verse search box, some symbols were doubled. - New! Context menu for every Bible verse. - Hold your finger on a Bible verse. A popup will appear. The first button copies link to this verse. The second button ...

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Reviewer 5350 · 7/27/2015
Wish Application worked with my Android phone.

JW Bible Reader has it all for real study. Easy to use with the annotation features I wanted to find. Get this App, you will feel similar!!

Ronald · 7/26/2015
Incredible app!

Next to the JW library, this is, hands down, the best app I have found in the MS store. Everything I had to do manually in several other reader apps, this one does automatically! Makes the downloading of all the publications a snap, and even organizes them into groups. Plus, being able to add notes, highlight, and line draw are features that many of the reader apps in this store don't even have. Having all the weekly meeting info right at your fingertips is a tremendous help. The developer really gets the "organized" aspect of our study needs. Great job.

Ken · 7/25/2015
The more I use it , the more valuable it becomes.

I find this app to be a great aid to Bible study. I find myself looking up more of the scriptural references during my study periods because they are so easy to get to. The Bible opens up right to the scripture you select. You can see a verse in a pop-up or in context right on the Bible's page. The Developer is also very responsive to issues and is constantly making improvements. I now use it even to copy active links into my talk outlines. When use my tablet to give a talk, the active links open the verses in split screen mode. It's a beautiful thing. Thanks, Ken

Bill · 7/26/2015
This a very useful app for studying.

Is it possible to control size of verses and notes that are inserted onto the page? Would like to make smaller than the text size being used for the article.

denise · 7/26/2015
Bible reader

I love this wonderful app, please keep up the great work, and may Jehovah continue to bless your work! I marvel at the wonderful message we receive from Jehovah through this wonderful application! Please keep up the great work you are doing, and may Jehovah continue to bless your timely works!

Reviewer 7122 · 7/27/2015
My appreciation

This app is wonderful. Due to the accessibility, it's user friendly, and all it's other features, my study habits have improved. Thanks for providing this great tool. My Jehovah continue to bless your efforts.

Reviewer 1648 · 7/18/2015
I love it, but needs some corrections

I really like this app, however, I've noticed that, when using book mode and looking for the verses on the verse list, a lot of them are not listed, or the chapter and verse might be correct on the list but not the book and vice versa. I personally prefer using the book mode when studying, and would greatly appreciate it if this problem was corrected. I would give it a 5 otherwise, great app!

Reviewer 0022 · 7/13/2015
Very useful tool

Excellent tool for the meetings and so much more. The Bible Reader helps to simplify the study lessons. When setting up the Bible Reader, just put in your meeting days and all the meeting information will be at your fingertips, including the Bible reading and the songs to be used at the meeting. We use the Bible Reader daily. Thank you

Reviewer 3995 · 7/12/2015
E PUB Reader For Jehovah's Witnesses

This is a great app. You can see or view the Bible as it appears like the Real Book! I recently asked a question about how to bookmark your place in the Yearbook. In a week I received my response. It is really very easy. He has lots of helpful videos. It works great for Meetings and personal study. It is the best windows 8.1 app for EPUB Reader because it has your weekly meeting material all together at the beginning as well as the Day Text and it has all the Editing tools you could ever want and the links work very well. You have the option to open a scripture in the Bible in a new window OR a pop up window. I love this App! It makes me glad that I bought this Windows Tablet instead of a IPAD like my Wife. Much Better!

Reviewer 0184 · 7/23/2015

keep up the great job! I would use Jw Library, but its English only and im Spanish. however your app is 100000000 times better lol, keep it up!! love it

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