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Javier · 8/23/2015
Great but missing Languages

First, I should say, the apps are awesome!! The IPad and Android apps are great. The Windows App, however, is missing Languages. I'm in a foreign language (Russian) and it would be great if the languages were available on the Windows App, also. Feature Request: If the app could sync with different languages (multi window), I believe it would be of tremendous help to those of us who are attempting to learn a new language. Ex. Foreign language on the right and our "main" language on the left. Thanks to all involved in the creation of the apps.

David · 8/22/2015
Always a great help.

Helps with having the bible at my fingertips anywhere I go. Have it on my phone and my tablet. Great publications and the fact I can save everything to have offline is great. Thank you for this great tool we have to use. Jehovah blesses us with all of these tools. Thank you very much.

Alan · 8/17/2015

This has been a great app! However, as with other users, I cannot get it to open any longer. Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling without success. Looking forward to your getting it running again! Thanks for the hard work!

Bonnie · 8/17/2015
Love It!

I use it daily. Love the way I can hit on where the scripture is and it pops open.

Tenaza · 8/18/2015
Psalms 25:5

I thank Jehovah and you brothers for this app. I suffer from low vision and, for so many years, I have longed for something to help me read my Bible, Daily Text; every publication all the brothers and sisters have. Now, I can increase the font size to what I need. I still cannot use a regular Bible, which I miss sorely. Still, I am well fed and joyful. Only one thing I ask ... is there a way to increase size of Bible Navigation menu? Heartfelt love and thanks to all who worked so hard on this app.

Jeremy · 8/13/2015

First off it is necessary to thank Jehovah for such a wonderful provision. Second I want to commend the team of brothers working on this great work. The content available through the app just gets better and better. I no longer use hard copies of publications for myself, only for field service. I also have been running windows 10 mobile preview on my Lumia 1520 with very minor issues. Most are caused by the OS anyway. The app is very solid on both the Windows 10 pc and mobile platforms. With the new developer tools for Windows applications I am hoping this app can get a nice upgrade. It works great however I have 3 things I'd love to see. 1) note taking capability highlight, compatible with or without Microsoft pen preferably with. 2) live tile feed showing the daily text. 3) cross platform communication, the ability to study the watchtower on my pc and then access the same article with notes on my phone.

Inerikuma · 8/13/2015
Excellent application

The application makes it very easy to access the New World Translation of The Holy Scripture resources. It is a bit of a challenge to download and install the application for use, though.

Reviewer 0193 · 8/12/2015
What's Updated

No words can describe how useful this app is both in personal study and in the ministry. Thanks to Jah, the FDS, and all those supporting in the production and maintenance of this app. I always keep on the watch on What's New. Once new items appear, I immediately download them. From time to time I see there are item, here and there, that have been updated or revised. Would it be possible if another main menu item "What's Updated" is added to show all items that needed to be re-downloaded. While at it, "Downloading," - a section for, showing all the item selected to be downloaded and those being downloaded may also prove to be very useful. Once again, thank you.

Frances · 8/13/2015
Words can't express how wonderful this tool is!

Please fix the problem with this wonderful app. Since upgrading to Windows 10,. this app will not open on my laptop. I refer to this reference tool several times a day but have to access it on my tablet now. Thinking of removing Windows 10 so I can get JW Library back.

Gelo · 8/11/2015
A true blessing from Jehovah

Thank you, brothers for making this. Overall, it's a great app. I love the way how we can download publications in our various languages. I hope that it will get updated to match the Windows 10 UI. Plus, please also make the day's text on the live Tile :D



  • Read the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures (2013 revision) and five other Bible translations
  • Compare all available Bible versions, and access footnotes and marginal references
  • Search for words and expressions that appear in the Bible text and navigate to them directly
  • Read the daily text
  • Read books and brochures for Bible study
  • Download and watch videos from jw.org offline

App details

Version notes

1.5.2 • Fixed a number of issues. 1.5.1 • Fixed issues that were causing parts of the app to run slowly. • Improved support for languages using scripts other than Latin. • Downloading videos and audio programs to external storage devices. 1.5.0 • Support for convention releases. • Videos and audio programs in more languages. • Fixed various bugs that caused the app to crash.

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