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Tim · 8/20/2015
This is broken on Windows 10

Nicely designed app but the most key feature, playing audio, is not working on Windows 10 :(

shane · 12/31/2012
I cannot seem to get audio to work.

App looks amazing but I can't get any music to play. If that gets fixed then 5 stars.

Lukasz · 8/21/2015
The app just doesn't work

I want this to work so bad, but on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 it keeps telling me to restart the app when I try to play anything and the videos just crash the whole thing. :(

J · 8/9/2015
Win10 Compatible?

I would LOVE to use this app - it looks terrific, but it crashes on Win10, every time. Tried it on two different Win10 systems now. When it gets to the point that it's good on Win10 I will gladly re-review.

Don · 8/17/2015
Wait, you have to upkeep an app?

That's right. Apps are like little baby elephants. They must be continually watered, fed and nurtured. This is why app ecosystems fail. Due to customers getting excited to use apps, then the apps they downloaded all start to fail, and eventually they stop using those and any apps at all. It's super simple how this will play out guys. Fix this.

james · 8/3/2015

used to listen to this but just crashes now.

Ian · 2/25/2015
Doesn't work on Surface Pro 3

Unfortunately I've never been able to make this app work on my Surface Pro 3. It starts up but just hangs and never is able to play music. Huge bummer, because obviously KEXP is an awesome station regardless!

Matthew · 9/28/2014
Favorite app. Unfortunately doesn't work anymore.

This is my favorite app. The design and the features are great. Unfortunately, it just stopped working on me and won't work even if I reinstalled it. It also is a little buggy in general. Since it does not function, I cannot give it more than 1 star. I would gladly give 5 stars if it could be restored to being fully functional.

Jeremy · 7/24/2014
Stopped working

Loved this app while it was working. Recently it will not play the live stream. The artist info changes, but no audio. All saved performances and shows play just fine. Closing and reopening the app or changing the streaming quality doesn't help either. Please fix the stream. It is the perfect app for listening to awesome music at work!

Nick · 6/26/2014
Want to give 5 stars but cant, no Live feed bug

I really, really want to give 5 stars because it is a fantastically designed app. Unfortunately there is a bug with the live feed. I have tried on many days to get it to work but it doesn't. Other than the live feed, there is a lot to this app. You can stream archived shows (this works), you can view live performances (works), every other feature on this app works except for the live feed. Once they get this to work, then it is a 5 star app.



  • New music daily
  • Thousands of artists
  • Live KEXP broadcast
  • Archived KEXP shows
  • DJ music podcasts

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We fixed a number of issues in this release: * Improved play controls in snapped view. * Share to other Windows 8 applications. * Faster startup of live broadcast playback. * Fixed audio quality selection. * Fixed bottom scrollbar position. * Fixed crashes when navigating quickly between pages. * Removed unneeded intranet permissions.

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