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Hannah · 7/23/2015

You NEED to update this so I can have more chat bubble colors. I'm getting tired of the same ones. You need to put jott messenger on here all my friends have jott on there Android and Apple devices and I dont have one. WE NEED JOTT!!!!!!

Tarik · 7/24/2015
Stable app, but it's not complete.

The app loses messages, i get notification sounds, but messages do not appear. Also, missing kik video feature and chatnow intergration.

luke · 7/25/2015

I've used kik messenger on my Lumia 635 for over the past month and have not had any problems with it. For what I use it for, it's perfect and works perfect. I use it to chat and share pictures and that's it. So I don't care about the videos, points, stickers our whatever the other versions have. Does it need to be updated? Sure it does but for my purposes, it's perfect for me.

nicolas · 7/21/2015

It bothers me with the fact I cannot open or send videos with this app from the Nokia windows phone. It is quite agitating. Also, I think having to request to add someone in your contacts would be a good feature in the app, for extra safety measures. Please take this into consideration. Thank you .

Cora · 7/20/2015

It runs pretty decently other than the fact it throws me out, doesn't send any notifications, gives me messages WAY late and is overall, completely broken.

Eva · 7/21/2015

This is horrible and it has an update to change your text message colors and when you don't want anyone to know what you have been texting you cant log in it takes forever.If I were you thinking 😔 no one wants a childish kik update ok

Victoria · 7/12/2015

This app is a real battery hog; super frustrating. Please update and fix that, and maybe add the same addons as the other platforms... Like draw, and video chat. This is a pretty lame version of kik. Windows always gets gyped.

Jan Louis · 7/7/2015

It works fine with me but there are a couple of things that need improvement. A good tip for the next update can be like, make kik one of the options below in the lock screen. Like when u get a Notification you would be able to see it in the lock screen, that would be really helpful because I always have to like pull the upper tab so I can see if I got a message, and its really annoying. And some bug fixes would be great. In general the app is great, I like it and is really useful. Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day ;)

Jamiee · 7/16/2015

Has a really irritating bug, if you press the convo info button and there's more than a certain number of people in the conversation then the app crashes. Also the live tiles doesn't work ever. And second the Windows version of this app is so outdated, it needs to be like the Android one.

Kahlil · 7/15/2015

It's okay just you can't do as much with this app that you can on android or apple. Also everytime I try to look at the conversation info with my group chats I get instantly kicked out of the app. Please fix these problems and we desperately need an update for it.