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Richard · 7/29/2015

It works okay for me, wish I could disable notifications for individual chats, and view videos... I feel you're neglecting the windows phone version...

kylee · 7/31/2015
Last Update 2012...

So I probably sound stuck up, but I switched from an android to this Microsoft. And I miss a lot of my Android features on this phone. It's really irritating that I can't see or send my videos, I can't change my chat bubble colors, I get kicked out of the app a lot. It's all just really a bad set up. It needs to be updated badly. You are neglecting the features that I'm assuming most of us miss. So please would you update it, its been almost 4 years. Come on now.

Jon · 7/28/2015

It gets the job done. You can message people. You can receive messages. You can be in group chats. That's all. Meanwhile, kik on other phones allows sending and receiving videos, sketches, playing weird games, blocking annoying people, starting group chats, seeing the name and picture of a group chat, hash tag group chats, and more. This needs an update badly. It's been a looooong while and it needs to be able to do the stuff kik should be able to do.

User · 8/1/2015

Kik messenger is a very good way to keep in touch with friends,family,etc. In that's why I really love the app.

Gabriel · 7/29/2015

It worked great until it started kicking me out everytime I opened it. Deleting and re-downloading is a temporary fix, but you lose all existing conversations. Needs an update

luke · 7/25/2015

I've used kik messenger on my Lumia 635 for over the past month and have not had any problems with it. For what I use it for, it's perfect and works perfect. I use it to chat and share pictures and that's it. So I don't care about the videos, points, stickers our whatever the other versions have. Does it need to be updated? Sure it does but for my purposes, it's perfect for me.

Hannah · 7/23/2015

You NEED to update this so I can have more chat bubble colors. I'm getting tired of the same ones. You need to put jott messenger on here all my friends have jott on there Android and Apple devices and I dont have one. WE NEED JOTT!!!!!!

Tarik · 7/24/2015
Stable app, but it's not complete.

The app loses messages, i get notification sounds, but messages do not appear. Also, missing kik video feature and chatnow intergration.

Thomas · 7/27/2015

It sucks. It needs updated. It closes out and send you back to home so you have to go delete it and reinstall it and you loose all your messages. UPDATE PLEASE lots of WP users use this app and are not happy with these issues. I'm switching to Samsung galaxy because this phone sucks. It lacks good popular apps and they are hardly updated. I'm also getting apple computers because Microsoft/windows sucks

Brandon · 8/1/2015
Suffers from losing incoming messages

Overall it is a fine app, but this client tends to drop incoming messages.