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Ann · 8/25/2015
Love It Mostly

I love everything about it from the ease of reading most of my books to finding just what I need to purchase, etc. However, I don't like that it doesn't come in Windows 10. That should have been a big consideration for this app. It is most popular. Also, it should come with a how to navigate instruction. I am good for figuring things out, but everyone is not me. It would be helpful for those who are not computer savvy, or who may have learning curves or special needs. That would be most helpful. Otherwise, I am really happy with the app.

Reviewer 8555 · 8/24/2015
Needs work

One star is removed for the inability to delete books from "My Books." The other star is removed because there is no option for the book pages to be true to the size of the original book pages (when the book is sold both as a hard copy and digital copy), in other words, to have a consistently accurate page number. Otherwise the app is useful and user-friendly.

John · 8/23/2015
Windows 8 Desktop Ver.

Navigation on a desktop is easy with a touch mouse. The "snap right/left" feature allows you to keep a document open on screen while you take notes alongside in a word processor. I look forward to more features.

Judy · 8/23/2015
Way too basic

I've had Kindle apps on a variety of devices and the Windows app on my Surface is by far the worst. If it has options to change font and color schemes (inverting colors), they're too difficult to find. Turning pages is often slow, so you'll click again and suddenly you've gone too far. Amazon definitely needs to step up their game. I can't always take my Surface and Kindle with me, and the Surface can do more, so it takes precedence. Too bad Amazon made it too annoying to read on my Surface. Less time to read means I'll be buying fewer books from them.

Michael · 8/26/2015
I love reading on my old Kindle

easy to download books, has lots of excellent book to access.

Roxana · 8/21/2015

Browsing for books is so frustrating. It takes forever to load all of the books under a certain genre. Most of the time I have trouble connecting to the store. The same lovely features that are on my Samsung phone are absent here. This app is a big mess, but I am able to read my books. It's just the process of finding them that is annoying. AH! Where are my options to add another language for the dictionary! I hate that my phone version is better! P.S: I had trouble with it after my windows 10 install. It wouldn't start up, so I deleted it and reinstalled it and worked fine after.

Angela · 8/22/2015
Really - customize appearance of app?

Trying to find the place to change the appearance to use something other than a blaring white background is difficult. No where can I find a settings menu in this app - funny though how my Android phone app has that feature. Really sucky oversight. Bought my Windows tablet to use as an e-reader replacement. Maybe I'll stop buying Kindle books until this is fixed - really an app killer in my book.

Jose · 8/20/2015
Way better than the Phone app

Kindle for pc/tablets is definitely better supported than the windows phone app. With nice features that allow for nice interactions with the books, like an instant dictionary for any word I don't recognize, the ability to amplify a single panel in manga/comics. But it still needs a better sorting system for the books, maybe even the ability to create your own(though I suppose this would be considered giving the user too much control).

Brian · 8/19/2015
Why are the mobile apps better than the PC version

Don't understand the priorities, an app that has a 5 inch screen have tons more features and less bugs than a laptop/tablet. Join with me and vow to stop buying e-books until they get this straight! Bugs-> all highlight features missing or buggy. Can't stand reading a book that I can't highlight. Rather use a pdf reader if I could. PS. This seems to be dependent on the location of the highlighted section. Upper sections show pop-up menu, lower sections must appear off screen. Should be simple to fix.

Thomas · 8/18/2015
OK in Windows 10 just remove Windows 8 and reinstall

My original thought was - Give this app a bad write up. I use a Kindle and a Fire to do most of my reading. But then I decided to just see what would happen if I uninstalled and then reinstalled it. I went to the Amazon "Manage your Devices" site and noticed I still had devices I don't have any more logged-in as active. So I first removed them then uninstalled Kindle for Windows 8 and then went to the store and got a new "free Kindle App". After doing that I had no problems. It now works great.



  • Buy once, read everywhere. Sign in with an Amazon account, and sync Kindle books across all your devices that have the Kindle app installed across any Kindle device.
  • Search inside the book to find a topic, character, or section you want to visit.
  • Pin Kindle books from your Kindle library to the Windows Start screen for instant access to your favorites.
  • Start reading in seconds. Your Kindle book downloads while you read.
  • Shop the Kindle Store for over 1 million* Kindle books, including new releases and best sellers.
  • Customize your reading experience by choosing the background color, font size, and number of reading columns.
  • Highlight, take notes, and add bookmarks in any book. Look up word definitions and listen to how they are pronounced.
  • * Selection and price of Kindle books in the Kindle Store vary by country.

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